Thursday, July 11, 2019

July Rains~

The storm rustled; birds took off from the trees
An intangible scent trickled in through the window
My mother was dying, I heard...
She was shifted to Intensive Care in the middle of the night
It was July...month for monsoon rains;
The constant drone of the falling rains
Was choking the ventricles of my heart...
There was an eerie silence trilling in both my ears
 I stayed awake the whole night.

The dawn broke was a lemony yellow flood of light.
Strangely the rays, like a chiffon saree 
    settled over my mother’s numb figure on the bed..
I went near her, 
touched her body with my chilling hands.
She was even colder...
A deep sense of loss rose up in me... 
The wind moved in the trees outside,
The air was thick with smell of medicines, fluids inside,
I sat there still and unmoved, the room was enveloped
With love...and grief. 
My mother was beautiful...even
In death she looked so pretty in her ....
Crumpled gown, pale skin, grey hair- messy, strained!
The glass door opened, releasing a rush of light.
The ‘No Visitors’ sign was missing. 

The storm was over.
The brightest flower of my life had wilted, yellowed. was now yearning to ‘travel’ upwards under the pouring sky.
I looked at the sky, the sky was now glistening in patterns.
-from yellow, it had turned red....
I climbed up to the veranda, inhaled some fresh air;
A void had formed around me, but there was a strange warmth.
My husband scooped me in his arms,
It was like a sail in a breeze...
I was secure yet all alone.
In the drops of the rain....

Written for sumana’s prompt. PU..



  1. Oh, I feel this, Panchali. I love how the rays of the sun covered her in the bed, making her radiant. Even with your husband's arms around you, I know how it feels to be suddenly an orphan without a parent. This is a beautiful poem.

  2. This is so beautiful in its sadness Panchali: I too have gone through this with my mother-in-law, friends, my dear wife as well. It really hurts to say goodbye.

  3. July rains will always be different for you, now. Losing a parent creates such a void! Storm outside and within, Loss, love, so beautifully put.

  4. This is so touching and so beautiful and sad and full of love I feel if I was there Thanks

  5. I am so sorry for your loss 😥 this is a beautiful poem.

  6. This is so beautiful and heart felt.

  7. How the weather shows the emotions, the torrents of rain like tears, the wind a passing spirit. Very heart-felt and beautifully touching.

  8. This poem sings. Grief so beautifully and movingly expressed.

  9. Ohh I can feel that pain, Panchali! It's not easy to realize that the person you love the most is no more with you! I am so saddened and torn down by the way you have penned down your grief in the lines above. And I'm extremely sorry for your loss.

    But you've written it in such a pure and honest way that I want to reach out to you right now wherever you're and give you a tight hug.


    1. Welcome to my space, Epsita! :))
      A tight hug back from ne too for that lovely comment...Thanks for reading, my dear. Do visit again.
      Kindly pass on your blog link to me.

  10. It’s amazing how the human brain retains details from a poignant moment in time, how they are imprinted vividly on all the senses. You’ve captured that in your poem. I love the sounds of the storm, the birds taking off from the trees and the drone of the rain, and the intangible scent trickling in through the window – they transport me to the moment you kindly shared with us, which caused, despite all the background noise, the ‘eerie silence trilling in both my ears’. I remember something similar when my mother died.
    The most beautiful image is the one of the dawn broke ‘a lemony yellow flood of light… like a chiffon saree’.

  11. You described the scene so vividly leaving the readers a little sad.A marvellous writer you are.

  12. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. It was a special day, a special post for me...your presence actually made my heart melt. Thanks again..

  13. The brightest flower
    of my life had wilted

    Loss of a mother will always have a major effect on life thereafter. It can never be the same!



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