Thursday, August 16, 2018

Flag Of Peace~

Today, the tricolor flag
freed from the British shackles
flutters in the glory of victory!

The three equal-sized horizontal stripes
With a central wheel lifts the gloom and
    brings the nation to its knees….

   The saffron stands for courage, sacrifice;
The white, for purity and truth;
  and the green for faith and fertility-

And in a mellifluous union-
the colours instil new strength in me to walk
on the ground, keeping the head held high.

The flag is ours. The force within it screams,
     It dissolves the metal of my soul
    and makes my heart beat with pride.

How beautiful is this wondrous cloth,
That swishes, sways and swings imitating the kites
Every Indian must worship it, and be wonderstruck,,,

Ah, at last, I can live more than just Live…

Written for Susan's