Thursday, February 01, 2024

Wiccan's Glass Slippers

 'Very few get to be legends in their lifetimes. Ipshita introduced Wicca to Indians due to a 'burning need'.... '

When in the depths of the night, 

The tales of darkness were hauntingly deep.

Barbaric practices were being ruthlessy carried out in the garb of magic makers, 

..Ipshita,  the lady in black,

weaved her spells, introduced Wiccan healing...

She wore the Cinderella shoes...

Walked miles and miles to touch upon people's pulse points 

A moon cloaked in mist peeped, a chilling wind wailed,

Bats took to the sky, their wings spread wide,

Souls awakened...

revealing witchcraft's beauty and its mystery. 

With her glass  slippers on- the rarest kind!

She climbed up the alleys, laced in the edges of light. 

Blessed the soil and unchained the shackled women

 in the name of ‘witchcraft’.

With words.... unfurled magic

With truths, unveiled 

the veil between the good and bad worlds 

And let the fears go.

To know more about Ipshita Ray Chakraverty please go thru' the link. She was our neighbor once and I had a chance to interact with this good witch on a daily basis. I attended her Wiccan meetings and got enlightened about Witchcraft.

Written for Susan's