Thursday, July 18, 2019

My First Crush~

the blooms
the library;
You and me...
   forever frozen in those lilacs!

Often, time unwinds itself when I am alone
and takes me back to those university days....
How our glances glazed in the library ...
A few books opened and closed;
the susurration of lavenders and lilacs
tumbled down strange aromas on the air- 
   You found your way to me!
Your cologne smelled like September…rushed over me;
A young man joined me….
     ....unnoticed in dreams of my paradise.
Strength splintered to pieces…
In the surge and silence of waking and dreaming, 
  Love flowered.... no matter how surreal it was;
Longing became a routine, then...

Even today, I love a stem of lavender or lilac
    on my white linen tablecloth...even if it is embroidered;
In a flowery glade of memories.... 
     hues of purple still blind 
my autumn heart in butterfly shimmers,
A strange perfume opens and closes
     my butterfly wings; hums like insect birds.
Love wasn't meant to be so hard...
However, I feel blessed to have a nest of purple safe
    with memory's of the days of my youth.

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