Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Me With Mirror~

The Reflection….

Mirrors reflect
Images whisper; blend
Maintaining pleasure of order
And in a split second, an emotionless,
Unpoetic clone floats up and screams,
“ I rule! I rule! You’ve been replaced… “, I cringe;
…I feel totally naked like never before.
The echoes rub in deep; 
An invasion of privacy it is...
    Silence overrides...

My subconscious and I carry on 
We love playing hide and seek,
Today, the play stops     A real heart-breaker,
 The mirror recognises my face
Sans all mask….all shield.
      rips every inch of me..
Confused, I ask myself,
‘ Will I be adjudged a hypocrite?’
The reflection looks dazed    startled,
My eyelids drop,
I hate to stare at my own flaws…
 I walk briskly towards the light
that reaches every corner of the room
     And turn off the light
 Letting out a devilish laugh.
Is it an act of necessity or escape..I wonder