Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Curse Of Silence~

Land of See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil Is shining once again! ........ Holy India-- re-crowning its shining from perihelion to perihelion. Presently, Money Blue chips, Internet ...Sensex Zigzagging in cool riverine.... Homily, everyone is part of a family, …..Shying past either in disgust or amusement or in hope The inconsequential reverberation doesn't decide...or, divide us! Monkeys we are. We are like this... From molehill to dunghill... We are united. "Notionally", at least!
The story of life unfolds in the roots. I blink. A voice whispers inside my head… Every day, to keep pace with the spate of policy changes An un-banked Indian makes his daily rounds Of the market and comes back home, He clinks the loose old change on the table Counts, and leaves in the piggy-bank with due respect. He refuses to read the morning newspaper.. …the datelines, the calendar has disappeared. Such airs, oh my! I blink again…
Every person has a story to tell...yet, Stories just die in the throats of the mute. Ah, some mouths always decidedly timid, quiet; even when the tongues panting and frothing, .... their noses agree to breathe... No I don’t cringe… .....Silence is best for these disruptive elements! ©panchali