Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Holy Peaks Of Nanda Devi~

On a winding path,
In the hushed silence of the mountains
Each time my eyes turn to the sky
A spectacular sight meets the eye
Negligible, becomes the billion years old sky.

With palms pressed together, I sit
  feeling the pristine vibrations;
its faith that makes the world go round,
Oh, it’s faith that keeps us closely bound
  I know, my goddess resides
       amidst those enormous goblets of mist
The Himalayas is holy, pious, so complete!

At twelve past five am, the yellowish sun peeks out,
     ….hits the charcoal-tipped peaks first;
      The delicate ice flutings start to blush
The light spreads in slow motion, and then…
A flowing flame runs down the pinnacle … I go mad.
The rose-pink twin peaks of Nanda Devi
  Inscribe my sky. I believe in what I see.

The fearful symmetry of the mysterious twin peaks
Binds me to the common belief…..
 It is no wonder,
       Nanda Devi, the mountain,
and Nanda, the goddess
are one and the same, indivisible….
The mountain just rests on the hand of goddess Nanda.


*** The Garhwal and the Kumaon regions have interesting legends woven around the Hindu pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. One such folklore that has a pride of place in the pahadi’s (hiil’s)  tale is that of Nanda Devi, presiding Goddess of the Chamoli, Pittorgarh and Bhageshri Districts.
To save herself, Nanda Devi climbed up to the snowy pinnacles and merged with the holy mountain. This mountain (25,643ft) came to be revered as a temple for Nanda and she was deified as the Devi, the patron goddess. *** from google