Thursday, April 11, 2019

~More, Some More~

Oscar Wilde once remarked, “I can resist anything except temptation.”

I smile reading those words, 
the truth glints
    in the unquenchable thirst of 'mores'.
Even I stand near the altar, and pray
God, bless me with heaps of this - and that;
Yes, I do .... I do aspire.
Temptation is within our skin,
they hold us,
 And, we keep losing "us" in its eyes.
Yet live with this..

For Poets United Midweek Motif (Temptation),


  1. I love "God bless me with heaps of this and that." Yet I know your biggest treasure is a little girl with an angelic smile and gorgeous eyes.

  2. the unquenchable thirst of 'mores'... Oh I do suffer with that.

  3. "Temptation is within our skin,
    they hold us," luv this line and emphatise so well, that why we Christians pray the Lords Prayer

    Happy Wednesday


  4. The skin and the eyes are often trying to boss around our hearts.

  5. We must not be hard with ourselves for wanting...anything. While we carefully plan and save for what pleases us those that are rich think nothing of spending millions on themselves. Go ahead and indulge yourself, you've got my OK.

  6. "And, we keep losing "us" in its eyes."...So true, so true. Sigh.

  7. "Temptation is within our skin," ... this is so profound in its philosophy and truth!💖

  8. Thanks all for taking the time to read and comment


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