Thursday, February 07, 2019

Perils Of Intolerance~

Some nights the window opens
The dark shadows block my horizon
I heave myself out of bed
With a soundless cry;
The violet streetlights trap my eyes, I shudder
The echoes on the TV debate tag on, behind.
The screams burst on the air,
Waves of FIRE spread…I pray they have no kin.
The horror of the unseen makes me
 breathless, revolting like one in a war.
I understand, the world is staggering towards insanity.
 I am tired of man’s intolerance….
Where do I belong?
Every street map is labelled today
Yet, every piece of land a prejudice,
Where are we and who are we?
The wind weeps a little
Over the graveyards of my ancestral home.
They’ve paid the price and made peace
Isn’t it absurd to live like this?
Who shall ask?
And who shall care?

India, the land that gave birth to four religions and enshrined both secularism and free speech in its constitution, has been having a curious debate these days. Unfortunately, the world's biggest democracy is becoming an intolerant nation?
Intolerance triggers riots, mass casualties, and a colossal wave of migration. Our earlier generations have seen the bloodshed during partition. The effects are still felt today....

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  1. "I understand, the world is staggering towards insanity.
    I am tired of man’s intolerance….
    Where do I belong?"

    If only it were only a bad dream. I love how you set this poem on getting up at night surrounded by shadows, and how the experience leads to the questions. I dread my nation setting its intolerance in stone after it was founded on freedom of faith!

  2. It seems we are steeped in intolerance and have been for decades. The World Wars give evidence to that.

  3. So nice to read you, is a discouraging world right now, and I worry for little ones, like Rooh, who have to grow up with the mess that's been made. Sigh. Not sure how humankind will effect the transformation of consciousness. If history is any indication, it will take dire times to open the eyes of denial.

  4. Sadly once we were individuals but no longer for we are but consumers and need to conform. We think we still have a choice but we don't as we are massive consumers... mainly of plastic which we discard and destroy the planet with; and so few people care.

  5. It is as if we are living in darkness of night while we yearn for light. We must be lights to each other. Your poem speaks truth so eloquently, though a sad truth.

  6. This really spoke to me I hang on every word as this is my experience as well Beautiful writing about such a sad truth

  7. The morning is darker than the night. This is where we are just right now. Imagine what's going on in our State. Your touch of beauty makes the poem a wonderful read. Nice to see you here :)


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