Thursday, September 06, 2018


Let’s Walk …
Lighting up areas that are blur
Within the boundaries of human existence.
Only a few take birth with food in the mouth
We see emaciated bodies, 
  with hollow cheeks and sullen eyes 
   dying from time to time;
They have nothing…
No shelter on their head, not a morsel in their tummies
Can we not help them, feed them?
Why should they feed on the leftovers
    Thrown on the pavements?
Ah, their bare bones
   click like needles in the cold breeze.
Starving bodies take time to die,
-after all, a tough body is not easy to wear.
Such scenes frighten me…make me Revolt!
And I ask myself-should I hope?
My strength hasn’t failed…
Let me believe that one day there will be
A revolution, which will shut out
 this menacing shadow of poverty for good.
Dirty scars leaving their marks in big cities today.
If only one family adopts one family
  it will surely save many lives living on last legs.
Awake! Awake! Oh Man
God gave us everything to share,
Feed a man suffering hunger pangs, and
Let the dignity of man just not evaporate…


  1. I adore this prayer, and breathe it with you. Love the idea of a family adopting another family. This is an important poem. I so resonate with "only a few take birth with food in the mouth." And those are often the least likely to share, sadly.

  2. Wow! Acknowledging what is, asking that Godliness appear on earth ...a good prayer.

  3. A beautiful and meaningful prayer.

  4. This is such a wonderful prayer. Your words remind me of a young man, an IIT pass out, Vinayak Lohani who has sacrificed his career and has started a center called Parivaar, for the poor, near Diamond Harbor. This center has many branches in other States also. He is doing fantastic work. You may have heard of him.

  5. A poignant prayer. I would also like to believe that:
    ' day there will be
    A revolution, which will shut out
    this menacing shadow of poverty for good'
    and the final lines ring true:
    'Feed a man suffering hunger pangs, and
    Let the dignity of man just not evaporate'.

  6. Tha sad part is that the Earth can sustain our large population but making people unhappy is a catalyst for discontent and wars which are very profitable for arms manufacturers. The whole world is put out of balance so that a few investors can make a lot of money. Certainly the idea of one family could adopt another is a wonderful idea. I do hope we can do something soon.

  7. This poem is indeed a beautiful prayer!!

  8. If we do not share, we are less than human.

  9. Thank you for this beautiful prayer.

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  11. Panchali, am not sure if my emails reached you. Would you please email me at I have a question. Smiles.


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