Thursday, June 08, 2017

Ocean Of Darkness~

I try to sleep
  listening to the wind brushing
through the boughs outside
Death-like…. the night moves by
 Mind racing with past nightmares
      swish through the soothing silence.

I catch the ferry-boat moon,    
Sleep comes with a shush shush shush…
 Dapples, yet another unwelcoming drown.

The fur of the moonlight 
Draws me to the same underwater Café
Filled with bottom-of-the-ocean blues…

Oh, the beautiful table in coral
      pricks my eyes,    many
Strobe in neon hues swim in…

The coffee that I order
      comes floating through the water at me,
But, the color? Alas! It's black as squid ink, once again!

 I wake up, gasping. and switch on the TV
Far away in Andaman sea, there was a tsunami a few hours ago.
Waves crashed, bodies of human, seals, egrets rose

Water coiled back from the mounds of sand, 
The clouds dispersed; a chapter closed. But,
all left me reeling under an ocean of blackness,.. fatigued.

Wonder, how dream manifests into premonition!

There are unfathomable disasters that cost thousands of lives, and yet some people claim that they have premonitions that foretell these catastrophic events. Are they real, I wonder. 
A Fantasy... not real


  1. I do believe some people are in touch with some sort of cosmic consciousness, unexplained and mysterious. Good write!

  2. Wow! "The fur of the moonlight
    Draws me to the same underwater Café
    Filled with bottom-of-the-ocean blues…"

    The dreamer/reader is there in the ominous dark, right with the tsunami and its drownings.

  3. A wondrous moment, Thanks for bringing it alive

  4. A wonderfully visual poem. "Oh, the beautiful table in coral / pricks my eyes, many
    Strobe in neon hues swim in…" My favorite lines.

  5. The speaker certainly pulls the reader to journey with through "ocean of darkness". Brilliant write!

  6. Sadly not enough people are having that nightmare to make them aware of the danger to come. It is a pity we can't pass on dreams like posts on Facebook...but perhaps we can! Great poem Panchali.

  7. Such captivating imagery - you really brought the nightmare to life

  8. Ah! Those premonitions are mysterious and what can we say of them but that their reality is devastating.
    The dark imagery and the solemn tone give this poem a silent, seething power. It's beautiful in a way and becomes rueful in its tragedy.


  9. wowow that surly makes one think and imagine


  10. Beautiful lines...this is very interesting!

  11. I think we are all unconsciously connected, and so such things can come about. Very fantastical and dreamy writing.

  12. This really feels like an intimate picture of the ocean! Very metaphoric and mystical.

  13. The dreamer awakens to a nightmare.....vividly told, Panchali. My friend, would you please email me at I have a wee question.....thank you, Panchali.

    1. Please check your mail, Sherry!Thank you....

  14. the metaphor to the moon stole my heart... and place where it took broke my heart... and the premonition stopped my heart...

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