Thursday, June 01, 2017

Locked In A Tunnel Of Smoke~

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There was utter silence.
   in the intensive care unit.
Just me and another,
   Belted up safely on his bed,
       Fallen       almost to the edge of hell.
The tobacco residues
   inside his grizzled lungs were
building momentum…
.His breathing was strained….
   …. pulse faint, arrhythmic.  
My breath was also unbreathing.
Death is absurd, 
     makes one run through strange tunnels.
I grabbed his hand....
The silk of hope/faith briefly swelled,
   But, shook like storm-stirred reeds.
Life is short… did I hear a whisper?

 It was drizzling hopelessly outside
The dubious drops
    kept crashing against his window
    till the final moment.  
One empowering lightening
  caught a waft on his face….and gently
He exhaled…
     Drifting himself into another blue smoke
  beyond my perceived world.

** 'Life’s vibrant hues are way too beautiful and precious to be distorted by the smoke of cigarettes.'-anon,
Quit smoking!


  1. smoking does just that; letting the final moment arrive when it's not time...i like the vivid details & the scene of anxious anticipation...

    1. I, too, am enchanted the the vivid details.

  2. One aspect of smoking smokers should consider.....that eventually the lungs suffer. You have described this so well, Panchali. I could see it all. I especially love "my breath was also unbreathing."

  3. You have made the Hell silent and put it on earth so that release into the blue smoke is a gentle relief. But, oh, the pain of the watchers! One of my good friends told me years ago not to expect her to sit by my bedside if smoking--something preventable--was what killed me. I wonder if she remembers?

  4. What smoking can do to the lungs is scary, and you paint that picture so well here. Moving piece!

  5. What a portrait you painted. (taken in his last breath)

  6. Very powerful and well written Oh if only people would realise before .. drifting away


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