Thursday, May 04, 2017


It’s a quiet night.
I switch on the TV
-a news pulls me in the stillness.
Common man killed. Again!
Oh!God why?

Darkness roars,
    like the booms of the guns.
A terrorist attack...?

I peek the calendar,
   then crane from the sill
The security men look busy outside
      surging the light,
The media men still around the clots of bodies, 
    Searching, probing the names of the dead….
Digging is a thirst…though 
      kvetching at times. 
I cringe,
Oh, living is a nonsense!

I have mist…
     it only multiplies in extreme situations.
Today again,
 A few droplets roll down my cheeks,
I know there’s nothing I can do.


Twists and turns give directions to life,
    I take a mental detour- 
I stop listening to the ear-worm.
   That's my revenge...
My private war against media!
I sleep better.


  1. I so resonate with your lines, feels helpless, discouraged and rather hopeless at the content of the news..........I,too, turn towards nature and things closer to home, to try to repair the damage done by watching my window on the world.

  2. Well expressed. The word "silence" was very effective (for a pause)

  3. This is powerfully expressed and I identify! Pulling way back from the wound of horror when there is so little I can do. Maybe if I close my eyes it doesn't exist. But when the rallies get big enough I will have more hope.

  4. I join you in this. Well said, as always. You are wise. Hugs.

  5. We should all take that mental detour and switch off the TV when the news comes on and not let it affect our lives. Better to look at the faces of our friends and family.

  6. yes..yes...I loved those closing lines...and we can hope there sure will be good and noble news around the globe somewhere...!

  7. This is soo incredibly eloquent. You give voice to the helplessness many of us feel while watching the news.

  8. I can relate to the 'private war against media...' Brilliant write!

  9. I felt wrung out just reading about it – before that very understandable turning point.

  10. Thank you all...for reading and for your uplifting comments!! Truly appreciate...


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