Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Dark Is Beautiful~

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It was the month of May,
The scent of sun-burnt laburnum was heavy
As the shadows of the day stretched on
I found my light….
I felt her, I saw her, wonder of wonders,
O' a beautiful “life”– the best in the world
      attached to every part of my body was on me!
 It seemed the end of a lovely dream.

A dusky little frame
With soft black hair, little fingers and toes
Highlighted her crimson smile;
I held the baby to my breast-
A thought dawdled in my head,
I have seen the battles of fairness;
Carefully, I shut the window,
         without the slightest noise.
     For a while, darkness cluttered my mind.

I can’t remember how long had it been.
But, something  filled my mind with strength that night.
Strangely, the soul turned humble like never before….
I drew her close, kissed her
And whispered,’ you’re fairer than the fair,
You’re not a color, nor black or white
Just part of my rainbow…
Far, far too pretty than anything in the world.’
Beauty isn’t skin deep….and definitely,
Not an issue of non-acceptance!
My husband stood with me with awe
and decided to call the new comer, Tinna. 

 ***A dark heart lurking beneath the layers of over-bleached, peeling white skin sounds ridiculous to me. A fair skin is a prerequisite in all domains of Indian society – even in a cultural potpourri like Bollywood where they rely on airbrushing and graphic software to go many shades lighter and further endorse the lightning culture. Though, much has been written about this, when will it all end is the question.!


  1. Well done. I was drawn into the experience.

  2. The strength of your truth matches the strength of heart. How wonderful to stand together and welcome the dusky beauty! The "wonder of wonders" that new life is should not be constricted by those lingering stereotypes. Your poem is brilliant. Publish!

  3. First, I SO AGREE with that poster, that advertisements should include and reflect everyone. I will never understand persons being judged, or "beauty" being decided, according to skin tone or colour. I LOVE the poem, and can see that little rosebud of a child with her little fingers and toes. Such a miracle. Beautifully penned, Panchali. And now a grandbaby, equally magical and beautiful.

  4. It is sad that so many fair skinned people try so hard to burn themselves brown in their turn. Why can't we be satisfied that it is the person inside you that counts.

  5. Sadly, this need to match a false idealization of beauty, isn't just limited to skin tone, but also, includes hair colour, as well. Pachali, I wish this campaign, to stop this colonialism succeeds, like loving all people, regardless, of their skin pigment.

  6. Being part of your rainbow is a wonderful image.. all children deserve that love

  7. This is an important post, my friend. As always, you delivered it with beauty and sensitivity. Thank you. You truly are one of the beautiful people of this world. HUGS.

  8. Oh,the feels! What you say is true for the complexion. I don't get it either. The emotions shine through this poem and I think this is fantabulous! :)))

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