Thursday, March 30, 2017


One of those dreadful nights
 I found her …
Waded off, like a branch on the lanes.
We stopped, bent on our seats,
just enough to peep into 
A beautiful blur curled
     on the edge of an ugly world.

.I rushed out of the car,
The silence around
     with rustlings and breathings
made me restless      a sourness belched.
I tripped      heavily         over her.
      …her eyes moved, and freaked me out!
I saw bruises all over her body,
The silence

The ache of love was all around her.
The faces aged into acceptance, tuned the silence.
We entwined in dialogue….
Her possessive husband in the name of ‘adultery’, gaudily
     painted her as a cheap prostitute that night.
  It wasn’t the anger        it was pity in his voice
      that bit her pride. 
She pushed herself out of the car in an impasse
           To even the trivial...

 We talked and talked
--- it was a night of ambivalence.
She pierced my soul with endless thoughts....
The earth is cursed, she said,
     since life is measured in doubles,
The fulcrum thus,
     brings us to an everlasting battle of sexes.
I saw her,      felt her,        heard her…
     in clarifying nightlight again and again.
Gently she moved me into calmer air on that fine night.
Her voice was a guide... 
Laughingly I asked,
" Did you ever think we would come to this?" 
And she said, " No, never, never, never..."
 Ah, it was the end of dark night for both of us... 


  1. A story to be told ...

  2. Oh, imagining the relief of this in a world that seems cursed:

    "The faces aged into acceptance, tuned the silence.
    We entwined in dialogue…."

    And in the stopping, recognizing life and telling our stories, we can end the darkest nights without dying. At least I hope so, whether it is with another woman or the woman we each are sometime hiding inside.

  3. A well written, thought evoking tale. Thank you

  4. the lines gave me goosebumps...'The faces aged into acceptance, tuned the silence.'... so much is hidden in this line....

  5. " It wasn’t the anger it was pity in his voice that bit her pride. ",
    Yes many times the pity bites the pride....very well written as always

  6. Arresting, powerful writing, taking us deep.

  7. I wonder if any of us ever thinks: "We knew it would come to this." Life is so tumultuous, so surprising, and so miraculous!

  8. How I felt this story! Thank heavens for the compassion, solidarity and support women have for each other, during the darkest times. I like the note of humor that creeps in. It is laughter that gets us through.

  9. an iceberg tip of a story...loved the last lines...
    stories like this evoke thoughts, why such discrimination...injustice....loved the solidarity here!


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