Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Me With Mirror~

The Reflection….

Mirrors reflect
Images whisper; blend
Maintaining pleasure of order
And in a split second, an emotionless,
Unpoetic clone floats up and screams,
“ I rule! I rule! You’ve been replaced… “, I cringe;
…I feel totally naked like never before.
The echoes rub in deep; 
An invasion of privacy it is...
    Silence overrides...

My subconscious and I carry on 
We love playing hide and seek,
Today, the play stops     A real heart-breaker,
 The mirror recognises my face
Sans all mask….all shield.
      rips every inch of me..
Confused, I ask myself,
‘ Will I be adjudged a hypocrite?’
The reflection looks dazed    startled,
My eyelids drop,
I hate to stare at my own flaws…
 I walk briskly towards the light
that reaches every corner of the room
     And turn off the light
 Letting out a devilish laugh.
Is it an act of necessity or escape..I wonder


  1. Oh, the mirror can be cruel. Best turn out the light!

    1. Thank you, Indy! Please tell me how do I get a link (URL) to your poetry blogs! Can you please post it here.
      Thanks again,

  2. Panchali, lovely to see you back here these days. We must catch up soon.I dont think any mirror you look in can find too many flaws. I enjoyed the read and resonate with preferring dim lights. Poor vision has helped my self-esteem too, lol.

  3. p.s. You can reach indybev by clicking on Beverly Crawford's link at Poets United. That's the same Beverly.

    1. Oh, thanks a bunch, Sherry for your kind attention and information! Gratified :))
      I'l check out in a while. Going to the doctor for a check up now.

  4. This is absolutely awe-inspiring Panchali❤️ especially love this; "We love playing hide and seek, Today, the play stops. A real heart-breaker, The mirror recognizes my face. Sans all mask….all shield."

  5. Necessity or escape? Perhaps a little of both. I think it's important to see our truth, but perhaps too shocking, so we need our defenses to shield us a bit.
    Enjoyed reading this.

  6. Ah, necessity or escape....that definitely is the question! I really liked reflecting on your words, Panchali!

  7. Wonderfully composed. As you reflect on your mirror, we reflect on ours.

  8. Such self-confrontation is no hypocrisy!

  9. oh those moments.. it's not always wonderful to be face to face with one self...methinks the darkening moments give us space...a really enjoyable poem Panchali di...

  10. Panchali
    The mirror can rule if we let it. I agree turn the harsh lights off and reflect in the dusk's glow

  11. Enjoyed reading you after a long time :) I think we all do wonder and introspect..

  12. that's a wonderful poem....that's something to ponder!


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