Wednesday, June 08, 2016


What is it that makes
the relationship between
you and me…
And overwhelming?
In the land of stifled cries
I see us growing old together.
A voice inside my head whispers,
Can we not build a better world
 For you, for me…
....and for the little beggar boy
begging on the streets?
Won’t you take my hand?
I look to you
For that reassuring smile
I see you smile- amiable of a civic kind
The touch of your hand 
Makes it all seems real…possible!
Ah, you make a commitment
Life is not about losing hope you say,
So I believe in all I hope for, in all I can
'Que sera sera—what will be will be!
Nonetheless, I keep hoping sincerely.


  1. Beautiful! Such a sweet and tender poem Panchali :D

  2. Committing to hope is so much easier when there is a hand to hold. I like the intimate story in a huge universe of care.

  3. This is a very beautifully written piece, my friend. Thank you.

  4. It's nice to have someone support our hope. And I do hope we can build a better world. Lovely writing Panchali.

  5. Yes, we cannot abandon hope. Beautifully expressed, Panchali. You made me see that little beggar boy on the street. For him, we can at least do something. Smiles.

  6. I agree with Susan, committing to hope is made easier when someone shares that vision with you.

  7. so much warmth and glow of love, hope and commitment here making a life journey truly beautiful...a very touching write Panchali di...

  8. Yes, I think that commitment is essential.

  9. Great indeed, Panchali! Loved it:)

  10. There was a song "You and me against the world." It's that kind of message that you convey in your verse - just one person in another's life can make a profound difference.

  11. Commitment and hope walk hand in hand. Lovely hopeful words (you write).
    Anna :o]

  12. Hope is an essential ingredient of commitment - without it perhaps we may not grow and learn..a wise and insightful poem

  13. Warm and wonderful writing, Panchali. It is indeed commitment which keeps a relationship strong.


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