Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Wind~

Sometimes the wind is
   gentle, smooth, serene
 It drops here, there;
      makes ripples, swirls free in space
Our hearts often find themselves
     … on this unseen swing of air
The Koel sings    a woodpecker pok-poks
   Each to his world, when the wind blows....
The symphony of bird-songs rolls out its best
A luxurious 
    mid-day stretches…
I sit in silence
      well content
knit the threads of pure spring weather.

Sometimes the wind blows strongly...
    Totally out of tune!
The rush and roaring squalls swash and go
      filled with anger and venom.
   The sun darkens...clouds thicken
The terrified swallows swing across in midair
And,          vanish into the horizon.
 I run from the porch step
 and duck for refuge into a shade,
    holding my pet-cockatiel in my hands.
The little bird screeches above the wind; but
soon brings itself down…
It doesn’t sing, a tad sacrifice, maybe I think
  to look neat and unostentatious.


  1. I love the description of the wind, very vivid, I could almost feel its force.....especially love your grasp on the cockatiel to keep it safe. It must have known that, since he settled so swiftly.

  2. You have a way with the words transforming the common place things we all see and feel into wondrous lines like an alchemist turning base into gold

  3. While it is exciting to be outside when the wind is howling round you you finally realize it is getting serious and rush back home to hide as it just wanted to bully you after all. I could imagine this so well.

  4. the pok-poks, the knitting of spring weather and the trying to look neat and unostentatious... such a picture you paint.. wonderful!

  5. Whether serene or strong, this human has a place in nature amid the birds and their songs. I love the dignity of the cockatiel!

  6. Perhaps in many ways content is better than feels comforting here

  7. This is absolutely splendid, Panchali. Love the contrast between the gentle and strong wind :D

  8. oh Panchali di how i love your mishti kakatua...every image in the poem is etched deeply in the mind..a lovely read...

  9. The wind has various characters. Just like anyone of us. The poem is gentle until the very end. Great descriptions - giving life to the good side and not so good side of the wind. Thanks for this, Panchali

  10. So very thoughtful and contemplative. I really like the images your poem uses to make its point.

  11. Sometimes the wind blows strongly...
    Totally out of tune!
    The rush and roaring squalls swash and go
    filled with anger and venom.

    One may be lucky to take refuge in the shade but many may not be especially on the high seas


  12. So, many shades of a wind and we have to flow with it...

  13. The wind has come alive in your words

    p.s: cocktail typo . Maybe it skipped your notice

    1. "Cockatiel"is a bird, Sujatha!It's more like a parrot...with a mainly grey body, white shoulders, and a yellow and orange face.
      Thanks for reading! Please do visit again...


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