Thursday, May 12, 2016

On Monsoon Birds

Outside my window
As the clouds mass black and gray
Women dressed in radiant saris,
Dance joyously under a Mahogany tree
The rainbow colors of their six yards
      collide and melt
spark like the thunder and lightning
            crossing, each other.

Peacocks, Cuckoos, Weavers
    tiptoe in ebullient delight ...sing, scream, balancing
and then....blush, in dazed air
A mingling of erotic, sensual, inviting spectre
   swells in wine-dripping air;
It's a mosaic work of art in a day of lightnings
for all the world to see.


  1. Wow! Beyond the 6 yards of flying fabric, saris fly like feathered wings. How gorgeous to imagine the two together and enlivened--not subdued by lightning and rain. I see it all.

  2. Gorgeous writing Panchali :D absolutely love the images of rainbow colors as they collide and melt spark like thunder and lightening.
    Sigh... pure magic :D

    Lots of love,

  3. I love the comparison, the vision of the women in their colourful raiment, and the peacocks and other pretty birds, sporting their feathers.

  4. I love how you brought these two gorgeous sights together. You brought them alive for my eyes. Beautiful!

  5. Each species works out how best to continue on this earth The peacock dresses up for the female saying choose me this is what you chicks will become...of course she is smitten!

  6. Beautiful visual construction.

  7. What a wonderful mosaic - i love the echo between the saris and the birds feathers and calls

  8. After such a blistering summer, am waiting breathlessly for the colours of the monsoon...

  9. aha...monsoon in the feathers of peacocks and heart spreading its wings to join in...beautiful Panchali di...we've had a brief spell today...

  10. What a lovely image.

    I'm happy you dropped by to read mine Panchali

    Much love...

  11. I like the mingling of the birds you have given the reader splendid images.

  12. What beautiful metaphoric writing!!! Really enjoyed the comparison!

  13. And that is such an amazing piece of writing... kudos :-)

  14. Rich colourful images brought to vivid life

  15. wow! You've painted such a gorgeous picture :)

  16. aah, saris have to be at their sparkling best from the pen of a lady dignifying this attire. though it's scorching hot here ,I felt like felt like swinging in rainbow hammock.....pen and brush merged.

  17. This is alive with color and energy!! I love it!


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