Monday, May 16, 2016

In The Middle Of Summer~

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Alas! …after a long separation.
 She departs again!

My dream seems real
The silence that comes from peace
Seems so different to the silence
That comes out of sorrow.

Mild scent of jasmine wafts in through the window
 I wake up… but,
   keep my eyes close; amused
I feel her with me…
Drip. Drip.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
….like a flood, the ‘subconscious’ takes me over.

The dream echoes again…
A finger touches me; wraps my hand
Prepares me to walk ...
 It's a tightrope-walk.
A strange yolky light floods into the vision
We get in through the candyfloss garden
Maa is near me… I feel safe.
I rise on my tiptoes 
Holding her tightly, .    fearlessly 
....take off 
We soar high
like kites in the sky.
The wind set us free. 
We make paths, make on!
And then...
 My eyes suddenly open...
    I stumble... swerve; she's gone!

Dreams aren't real, play tricks
Don't know why....?
but I had a dream of that Shangri-la
    Where we travel with our pens…

Maa, without you, life is not the same.
But then, I choose not to shatter

Death is the truth...

My still-sleepy mind thinks that my Mom who crossed the light almost two decades ago came to visit me in my dreams a few days ago. Today happens to be my Mother’s Death Anniversary. 16/05/2016


  1. Oh....that was quite a dream, Panchali. And I understand how disconcerting it might have been to see your mother after all this time. And then to have her disappear once again...I do think that one never stops missing one's mother, no matter how old one is. Life IS not the same, and never will be, without one's mother.

  2. Well, I believe it was a true beautiful, with that yolky glow, the scent of jasmine and the soaring. One of my new faves of yours, Panchali. Just beautiful.

  3. Like Sherry, I also believe that it was a true visit Panchali're blessed by her touching...

  4. very vivid... hope the dream brought you comfort.

  5. I believe our loved departed ones do visit us during these times.
    What's dream & what's reality?
    We don't know...

  6. I am another who believes the dead sometimes do visit us truly in dreams. I am glad you choose not shatter, but send her loving thoughts in return.

  7. Yes its a perfect dream....which takes you high and high and makes you feel the presence of your mother with you...though in dreams...what else one wants

  8. What a strong dream, and I could so understand that a bond between mother and child to come strong like this in a dream... so wonderful and sad.

  9. I do believe that that happens at times. But then again, with memories of her so near and dear even after long, she's not really distant either, so she would come in your dreams to let you know she's still there in your heart if you need some inspiration. :)

  10. There is definitely a difference between the silence of peace and the silence of sorrow - perhaps feeling more at peace allows people to return to us - i do hope so - beautifully written

  11. Beautiful.. you are truly blessed with your bond with her!

  12. I had a dream of that Shangri-la
    Where we travel with our pens… '
    I think those are real blessings, those visits reminding us we are loved.

  13. This is so beautiful. What a lovely dream. She definitely visited you in spirit through your subconscious to your dream.

  14. This is so beautiful. What a lovely dream. She definitely visited you in spirit through your subconscious to your dream.

  15. The veil between here and there is so thin sometimes...

  16. OMG! You are truly blessed! Lovely dream!

  17. An unimaginable loss. Our dreams help us process our realities in such ways. Beautifully penned.

  18. Thank you, everyone for your words of encouragement!

  19. What a blessed woman she must have been to be dreamt of like this!

    Beautiful poetry. Beautiful thoughts.


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