Thursday, April 21, 2016

Inorganic Chains!!

Un-blossomed harvest
     nipped in callous haste
Draws a curtain upon chivalry
  And ignorance of humans on earth.
 Poisoned water and fields
     are today the living ruins
Of human crimes…!
 I shoo away the crows
   flaying the dead cows off their skin
The nipping maggots cat-scratch me
...mind starts drifting, slowly.

I think about the deep wells, canals
  flowing by the organic red earth
The harvested paddy fields,
  Emaciated farmers ploughing
The bullocks with their feet drenched
In mud and slush??
Ah, we lived with them…
  .....they are all gone today
All we are left with is--
- an earthful of inorganic  earth! 

Should the clock really continue crawling?


  1. What a question you leave us with! And yet, what else can we ask given the details and the waste left where a meager life used to be possible? I see your answer to "can this be turned around in time?" is no. I am shaken.

  2. This is so powerfully written..!

  3. This is very strong Panchali. Sadly, we can't turn back the clock and the future does look dim.

  4. I equate that un-blossomed harvest to our current practices. We need a major shift, my friens.

  5. humans have successfully managed to drag all life forms into that chaos...sigh...

  6. The more we neglect, the more we poison, fantastic points.

  7. That's an existential puzzle - is time organic or contrived - i suppose time in the broadest sense does effect the earth and our survival that way perhaps i hope it does keep crawling so we can overcome those flies

  8. So true, Panchali. We have turned so many areas of organic earth into a wasteland. A worldwide phenomena we must try to turn around lest we be left ruins beneath our feet.

  9. Panchali, this gave me chills. You have a wonderful way with words and for seeing things that others may not. Thank you. Hugs.

  10. All we are left with is--
    - an earthful of inorganic earth!

    That's the tragedy one is warned of but no one seems to care. Good to bring it to the fore Panchali!


  11. Well said and frightening, Panchali.

  12. I echoed same feeling...are we developed by any means? I doubt
    Brilliant take!

  13. True.. we seem intent on destroying our home.

  14. Once it's all gone, we will miss it.

  15. to be truthful we are heading down the hill.. I totally understand the plight.. reminds me of the days - HARD DAYS yes ..but what a sound sleep.. still remeber getting up at 5 in morning and then ploughing the fields with the help of bullocks.. they were hard days BUT they were good days .. WE got a tractor after a long long time ...

    development has cost us a LOT...



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