Thursday, September 10, 2015

Port Of Boredom~

We choose our conditions...
there's a continual shifting
from the 'conscious' to the 'unconscious'
and then back again...
It's hard to stand firm in the middle

Boredom-the sorrowful apparition,
 Becomes one's own collapsing axis
  A lone thrombi....that clots unavoidably!
The monotonous grind
   -Of making beds, dusting, cleaning, cooking, reading
   warps a little (so to speak); plays so in us
    ...makes one bored to death

Me not realizing the reason
         of this gnawing feeling…
Often times, my brain also goes dizzy…
    stumbles and falls easily
Ah, these are the dull days .... 
When I can't smoothen my wrinkles of stress
I sit alone, twisted
Sipping my lonely cup of Darjeeling tea.


  1. Ones own collapsing axis. I really like the way you put that. And as a clot as well. There is a book I read on a pretty regular basis that was written by a monk. It is about the spiritual nature of those mundane tasks. It changed my whole perspective on them

  2. Ah yes... the same monotonous household routine which we all face.. can certainly lead to boredom. Beautifully executed!

    Lots of love,

  3. You have captured the feeling of ennui to perfection. Thank heaven for Darjeeling tea at such times!

  4. Whew, you definitely have described boredom wonderfully. Sitting along, twisted, drinking tea...yes that is what boredom can feel like. In your first stanza you write about choosing one's condition. I do wonder sometimes if we choose to feel bored...even though there is so much that we really COULD do.

  5. I don't think we should feel guilty about being idle and not productive. I can remember one dog I had wanted to go outside urgently so off he went through the opened door found a comfortable place in the shade and slept the morning away.

  6. Wow. Yes. I forgot that deadly repetition--the jobs that never get done. Well can they crack us ...

  7. I love how you defined boredom as the sorrowful true...we're possessed by it on our dull days...

  8. Excruciatingly accurate - well described.

  9. Routines can be scarily boring but there's a way to spice our daily activities. Perfect ending :-)

  10. Boredom can feel frantic and tiring - you have conveyed that wonderfully -one's own collapsing axis - such a brilliant line!

  11. The monotony of repetition can indeed create a feeling of boredom.

  12. I love the visual image of a collapse of our axis - the very center of Us.
    Well stated.

  13. Nicely worded to depict the mundane


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