Monday, September 14, 2015

Indibloggers In City Of Joy!

Berger Express Painting IndiBlogger Meet
A Painting Revolution indeed...

For a discerning Calcuttan, especially of my vintage, the name 'Esplanade' conjures up numerous images. Confluence of North and South, this is "where Ochterlony's Column, proudly rears its melon to the still astonished spheres"... ’Ochterlony’ has since changed into a ‘martyr’, my girlhood fantasy ‘Firpo” has vanished but one thing that holds on is the sublime Grand Hotel!!  For the Indiblogger meet, probably any other meeting venue wouldn't have been this grand!
It was an excellent evening in company of talented writers and bloggers (melange of ‘Hi! Nice to meet you’, ‘Hello! Long-time no see’ et al); the bonhomie was palpable. Since, the meeting was perfectly structured and organized with ample dose of celebral (but not without fun)...hence, there was not a single moment of boredom. 

Thank you BergerXP
Wuhoooo...I could see my name/tweet up there!

The event began with atmospheric singing screaming ‘ich will’ ….'Hell yeah'... Anoop and his band-mates almost transported me to the lavish era of the Jazz Age and to the uninhibited Roaring Twenties! It was a riveting evening held in association with Berger Paints India. 

After the interactive session was over, Berger introduced us to their hassle free, cutting edge technology of Express painting equipment and gadgets…. Enthusiasts were aplenty trying hands on. The activities were engaging, illuminating, easy and fun, so even an oldie like me could participate and never felt stressful. As a home-maker, I really liked the Sanding machine that helps to keep homes dust-free. A wonderful experience got hard-coded into my mind. 

To a 56years young (a Bong would remonstrate: why you have to be one of those ‘calves with your horns removed’- singh bhengey bachurer doley?) Times have changed; older people are now refusing to sink from the sight of “false gaze” … The world now lives and breathes on line. I live my life by a simple code. As we get older, it’s important to have a signature style that is modern, engaging and by the way, you may consider this as an anti-ageing tip. LOL…Frankly, growing old for me needs no expensive cosmetics. Neutrogena liquid soap, Oil of Olay or sunscreen, or jojoba or coconut oil…it just needs a Plus attitude! Truth be told….I’ll be happy to age, as long as my young ‘bachurs’ (calves) keep interacting with me- awwww, I hate being a typecast oldie! But, I also hate it when people call me an 'attention seeker'...:P :P :P

Interactive session on with Anoop

Few busy talking...
The board that had to be scrubbed.... work hand in glove :-)
My Team...

Yeah, it was a vibrant Saturday! We had a grand celebration of colours ritualized in collective spirit with the bloggers from all over Kolkata, courtesy #IndiBlogger and #bergerxp team. Meeting the energetic Indi Team for the second time was a treat again. How I loved the lovely smile on their faces. Thank you, Renie, Vineet, Kartik, Anoop, Nihal, Saurabh, Swati and others for hosting us with so much care. Ah… 'City of Joy' truly lived up to its name.... it did make everyone smile, sing and dine in merriment. [The exotic food, of course, deserves a separate feature on my blog!]

Thank you,  Ghazala, Purba, Maniparna, Sayantini, Swarnali, Rajtilak for tagging those beautiful pictures on my facebook timeline. It was indeed lovely meeting you all in person. I just love these pretty girls posing with me. :D 

With beautiful Ghazala n Sayantini...

Posing with my favourite poets Maniparna, Purba and Swarnali- See you all again. Hopefully!...

Kudos to all the teams!

Aww…I have come to the end of the post but my experience at the second meet will be everlasting! Thank you, #bergerxP and IB for allowing us to create wonderful memories. Can’t wait for the next event to happen again in Kolkata….kolkata…Kolkata…. 


  1. That sure looks like to be a good evening to spend, I wish i can attend a meet like that sometime ..


    1. Don't they organize such meets abroad?? I thought..they do. 😊 Thanks Bikram, for that solitary comment...u made my day:)))

  2. Dear Di,

    I was here first but could not log in my Goggle account from my phone thus could not comment. Loved your words recollecting our meet. Here's to many such meet :)

    I dislike it when you point out your age as if that's even matters. Age is a number best hidden in blog world :)

    1. Tut tut tut, dear ghazala :)
      The important purpose of writing this blog should not be missed out. The young brigade made day!!!

      Good to find you back here!! I have been extremely busy with my forth coming saree exhibition, so haven't read any blog so far. Shall check out your blog soon :) Thank you.


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