Monday, August 03, 2015

The Humans, Birds....Butterflies too!!

it has been raining;
cruel, historic monsoon rains this year
the heart burns reminiscing 
   sharp memories of flood and devastation
Millions of fierce pins drizzle down every year
uprooting villagers out in the fields
 its like a curse of the gods 
      full of darkness.... unconcerned objectives!
nerves turn numbingly raw...  I think about
the miseries of humans, sparrows, crows...
       ...and the torments of tomorrow!
Clinging to the uncomfortable night
I wonder...
     where do the birds shelter when it rains? 
How does the frail butterfly survive 
   the battering of sharp rain-drops?? 
  No one knows...  I try to imagine-
     --- nothing comes to the mind
I lean against the iron-railing, immersed
             nothing transpires--absolutely nothing
Aeons go one answers 
 ...the sky is still overcast
just then
    a pair of anklets tinkle... and i see
        a girl walking over the puddle
         with teeter-totter steps; and disappears 
the mind gets a fresh lease of life...
life's a sea...
   a spot of warmth within all of us
            re-connects us with life
each season brings its own emblematic features
     and gives us a time to contemplate
All that happens, ....happens in the world
we are destined to face the beauty/torments of nature
I lie down and stare at the sky
  -- so familiar yet unknown

  Excessive rainfall, coupled with high tide has lashed places in almost all of south West Bengal districts under the influence of Cyclone Komen made me write this poem.  

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  1. Panchali, I have wondered about the birds and the butterflies too. I wonder how they protect themselves from strong rain. Your poem has really given me a sense of the intensity of the monsoons. How sad for the villagers who are uprooted! I hope weather will improve for your region very soon.

  2. A well written exotic piece.

  3. I drank in every word of this.....I can feel the severe weather, your wondering about the survival of the small creatures. Like you, I was heartened by the tinkling of the anklets, and the reminder that, for the young, this is their best time. A wonderful read. Thank you! I, too, hope the weather improves in your region. So hard for those displaced at such times.

    1. Thanks for reading this, Sherry! This is my only tribute to the small creatures...:)

  4. This has a lovely flow, almost musical. I enjoyed reading.

    1. Most grateful for your words, Rosemary.

  5. This was an absolute delight to read, Panchali. There was both despair and hope in your poem. Loved it :)

    1. Purba. You just made my effort worthwhile. Thank you! :))

  6. You wrote a realistic, yet soothing and lovely poem. You are a wise woman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your thoughts of what connects us to this world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thank you very much, Myrna. I feel super pleased to get a commendation from you! :)

  7. There is a lot to this piece. The soft/sharp images and descriptions sprinkled throughout, evoke the theme of life's beauty and torments, perfectly.

    1. Thank you, Wendy. for your kindness!

  8. This time North Bengal is spared...we're having brief spell of rains sometimes and that's's become so very hard down the South...Nature must have ways to look after her fragile children hopefully but no one knows and the young spirit will always brave all the danger...laws of Nature...I really love how your thoughts touch all these so deeply....the tinkling sound is so magical here...such an excellent write Panchali di....

  9. Monsoon season, as with every season, can bring with it both beauty and torment. Your poem depicts this reality poignantly.

  10. A caring contemplative poem, i have myself, pondered some of the questions you posed.

    Have a good week

    Much love...

  11. Such a wise poem here Panchali di this is definitely one of your best!!

    Lots of love,

  12. The drizzling pins are a powerful image...

  13. Great description of the monsoon I felt like I was there

  14. I hope the weather improves in your country ... such a vivid poem to describe the impact of the rain, especially on small creatures. Well done! :)

  15. Everything is extreme in our country, be it any season :(


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