Thursday, August 06, 2015


Two countries lie
hunched against each other 
like distrustful lovers 
they fight bitterly;haggle over trivial issues- 
bruise themselves to signify
they'll remain shut to the other
till they go to the bottom of their graves
Their determinations leave
           a tick-mark in blood; death is born
in the cesspool daily...issues remain unresolved
two or more pages glitter with death news 
           behind two walls; accentuating animosity
a potential threat to humanity

As the light gets bleaker in the evening
Two checkpoints ***between
Lahore of Pakistan and Amritsar of India 
witness an energetic military display
of competitive high-kicking parade of soldiers
amid sounds of bugles and beat of the drums
Two sentinels guarding their borders
leap forward towards the flag post
and solemnly lower their flags, shut the gates
ah, shreds of wrangle
wander into the blue least for a night
Memories of partition 
      do haunt the present
yet make today what it is
Alas! It is a tumour with a dreading tilt.

** a road crossing, between India and Pakistan closes for a night at sunset each day! 

 India-Pakistan border at Wagah in Punjab has over the years become a tourist destination, attracting predominantly Indians and Pakistanis on the respective sides of the border, with a sprinkling of foreigners. Among the Indian and Pakistani crowds the ceremony evokes tangled emotions, a mix of  happiness, sadness, hostility and perhaps a  yearning to connect. Nationalism, patriotism, public spirit and earnestness of culture came alive on my side when I was at the Wagah Border. 

Written for Sherry's

Saying the Names With Love


  1. I wonder if these two countries will ever be able to resolve their issues.. perhaps one day.. a very touching poem..! Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

    1. Thank you, sannaa for your kind words. Things are going from bad to worse...donno why people on both the sides are getting so intolerant. Beats me...i see no hope sadly.... :(

  2. So sad, the skirmishing over borders. Partition had such a long lasting impact. Your poem is wonderful, Panchali, and I had to smile at the soldiers from each side trying to out kick each other. At least that is better than shooting!

    1. It is sad, sherry. Human killing...esp mass innocent killing is abhorring to say the least. Ah, kicking is far better...smiles...but, that's the Border Security Force's style of marching. Indecent..obnoxious display undoubtedly.... Thanks for your kind words of encouragement...

  3. The ceremony is very solemn.Very nicely composed poem..

  4. it's sad that so many lives have been lost on both sides and still there is such enmity... nice lines Panchali di as always...

  5. I do hope there comes a time when such differences can be resolved.

  6. Terrible that all concerned are so stuck in this situation.

  7. How very strange the world can be - really the land belongs to everyone and no one and yet those borders and lines are so tightly binding

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  9. Your poem moved me, Panchali. So beautifully written with the right emotions. Such a sad reality :(
    As I read Sumana's article on Tagore just now, by mistake I wrote her name here. Hope you don't mind.

  10. Your opening is brilliant...all together powerful!


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