Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another poem~

The bolt bangs in
    The list read aloud
           Name mounted in number#22 
like files on government tables...
        makes my guts queasy
                  The burning begins....

The rays from the gold-orb
              cracking through
    the gobbets of puffy clouds
          waft into the room
                  claw at my face
          Licking dry lips 
    I try to absorb
     the splendor of the lounge
             and drift slowly, dreaming

Waiting to be interviewed is a
             test by itself...
The room settles like a shroud 
              air stiff and still....
  With century passing with every second
                   ...the muse blazes- it is the light! 

   I shut my eyes and try to think
          "What do I want to become?"
'O, does it matter what I want....
....fate will be the one to decide in the end.'
My fingers sweep over my tab
   itchy fingers do their web-dance
            I let them waltz...
   And there! Another poetry
    for panchalibolchi!

 You can either succumb to the fear or be nervous during an interview, or you can channel that fear and convert it into something motivational.. Well, sometimes I write out of internal necessity...:)

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  1. Ah that interview.. I have found that if one hesitate with what one wants it will get you in the end.. good to be able to channel some of it to your blog...

  2. you have a great power of description Panchalidi...this is nice to see you regularly @ the Pantry :)

  3. Great you use verse to write your way out of the grip of fear...I think it is an excellent strategy!

  4. I enjoyed watching the progression of your thoughts....writing helps us think our way through tough things. Hope the interview was a good one!

  5. butterflies n the stomach during an interview but one has to overcome it

  6. Well, I do think I like your philosophy expressed in the last stanza, Panchali. If we have some kinds of fears, we have to find a way to look at them objectively. I like the way you just put it in the hands of other words, what will be will be! And then face the situation.

  7. Hello Dear Panchali!

    Most of us are nervous and have fear of the unknown.
    And as you create beautiful poems.
    Greetings from Polish.

  8. Such waits are usually very nerve-racking. I like the way you looked at it and how you managed to channel your anxiety, including the closing lines - which made me smile.

  9. Interviews are nerve wracking ~ Good for you to channel some of energy to writing ~

  10. The great enigma of how to remain relaxed, confident and capable with shaking knees, sweaty palms and a brain that suddenly loses its memory. Let me know if there is an answer!

  11. well said ....enjoyed the panchalibolchi!

  12. "Waiting to be interviewed is a
    test by itself..."

    So true. You captured the tension of the moment very well.

  13. Yes, fate can be used but make your own.

  14. I like your itchy fingers waltzing on the keyboard. Nice, Interviews are stressful on both sides of the desk. We are lucky to be able to release our thoughts in writing.

  15. A nice one.
    I loved this: "like files on government tables..."

  16. "like files on government tables..." As a civil servant, I found this simile interesting.

  17. Hi, I am unable to comment on your wordpress blog:(

  18. Wonderful verses..Loved the expression :)

  19. Insightful poetry and loved your ending :)


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