Friday, October 17, 2014

Gulmohar From My Window~

The Gulmohar Tree

I look out over the balcony
The flamboyant Gulmohar flowers
       draped in splitting sunrise
         come flying like missiles 
              ...dab 'feast-of-color' in my eyes

  I skip down the stairs
         run up to the majestic tree
               …and lower myself under it
Staring at it... I pluck a fiery bloom
   the flower feels rubbery against my skin
         …the loveliest scent intoxicates me

The sun is ablaze...prickly;
    Yet, it gives me succor 
         even in the scorching heat
Rays start raining in chunks on the ground
       Shift my eyes on the blooms of the path

                Petals flutter  …
           a tremble this minute..
    And then….it’s all still
         My mind halts…
                         one more time
       Divine grace --- what splendor!
                       …..I edge away drunk
      With flame-dance on my head...

Anybody who visits Delhi during summer days will momentarily get blinded by these flamboyant Gulmohar-blooms revealing their astonishing palette of greens and reds...


  1. oh! yes the beauty they impart ot otherwise black concrete jungle

    1. Thank you, Vandana.
      The consistency of Nature will lead to another beautiful flowering next summer, us (the city dwellers) the joy of admiring the Gulmohar blooms, once more... :)

  2. beautiful- khoobsurat' likha hai aap ne...

    1. Good to see you here... Thanks for coming by and for the appreciation, Anjum... :)))
      Bahut accha lagaa....:)

  3. I have never before met a Gulmohar tree, but I feel I know one now. They seem to assault the senses with color and missiles and dabs. Its scent and the way its branches and flowers break sun rays in motion and still ... what a splendid way to be drunk. Love.

    1. To win that kind of compliment from you has made my day... I too wait eagerly for you to comment... thank you, Susan...Love,

  4. lovely and brilliant colors...this time of year is brilliant in autumn right before all the leaves fall...the mountains look like the color palette has been is beautiful....welcome back...smiles.

    1. From the very first word of your comment I had a smile going full blast on my face... I love to see you here always, Brian. Thanks for the warm welcome... :))))

  5. Such beauty! I could see it, feel the waxy blooms, and almost smell it, through your words.

    1. I am happy you could relate to this, Sherry!! Thanks for coming by... its a pleasure to see you here always... :)))

  6. Gulmohar looks so pretty! The poem is equally beautiful. It is actually a treat for the eyes!

    1. Your words of praise humble me.. yet fill me with pleasure, Usha-di.. :))) Thanks a lot! :)

  7. Gulmohur and Amaltaas are divinely beautiful in bloom!
    your vivid words have made it come alive in my imagination as there are 6 long months before we once again get intoxicated by a Gulmohur! Lovely piece, Panchali:)

    1. Thank you for your uplifting words, Amit!!! Thanks for reading. and for the pat on the back. I am delighted..! :)))
      Good to see old friends after a long time...thanks!

  8. Lovely poem! a Gulmoher tree in full bloom is a treat to the eyes! A Palash tree with yellow flowers looks awesome too :)

  9. the azure sky set ablaze with fiery blossoms...isn't it? nice to see you write here again Panchalidi...

  10. Lovely lines, Panchali di.
    Fiery blooms indeed. I got to see some of these flowers last week and the Gulmohar tree really stood out from the many trees that surrounded it.

  11. The connection with nature can be intoxicating...I felt this in every skip and admiration of this gorgeous tree

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  13. What beautiful blossoms, and your poem highlights them wonderfully! The red reminds me of some of the color we see in our maple trees here for a brief time in October before they turn brown and drop.

  14. Divine grace - yes, that's what the gulmohar in bloom looks like.

  15. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful tree in your garden.

  16. Beautiful lines Panchali and Gulmohars are a beauty in Bangalore as well !

  17. Oh I love gulmohars....I so miss them from India. I wanted to post a comment on this the day you published :)
    We had one tree in front of our house on the main road and the color of those flowers...two eyes are not enough to watch them.


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