Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blue Lioness~

I look around, look far,
     Gaze at the rolling waves
-an ever buoyant madness keep
 Swelling and ebbing
       between heaven and my domain.
        … I breathe in the salt-rich air
      Look down-
       See the playful, unafraid crabs
            Creeping on the lazy beach
      Their filigreed footprints fire my soul…
                This is it!!
A time to go for a swim…
      Gently I plant my feet on the edge
         Water it lightly holding my breath
 The grains of sand wriggle like worms under my feet
          White living-dying foams
                          Bub-bub-bubble up
                              Open path for me to wade…
Like a little duck, I waddle waddle waddle
Feel the tingle of water all over me…and ooops!
Giant waves engulf me like a hooligan
      --I see ‘blue lioness’ for the first time!
I pierce through like meteorites fallen into the sea
Dancing with death I can hardly breathe
Gasping, struggling, fighting I keep tumbling …unerring
      -the sky  slowly turns into a dot…draws to a close.
  A bow of reeds picks my leg and reels repeatedly… I cringe,
  Hear the ocean-roars for the last time…! 
          An endless blackness gathers momentum..
                 ...I hear the feeble moans 
                         of the hungry underwater animals
           The earth’s end is one blink away, I realize! 

       I wake up in a hospital…blind 
              With just a streak of sunshine lying near me… :)

Fear of deep water isn't all that different from most other fears people have. And overcoming it for non-swimmers, may take time, but, I think,  is possible!


  1. that was a scary ride.. glad you're fine. the tension can be felt throughout.

    the sounds of filigreed footprints is great!

    1. Thank you for dropping in and the feedback, totomai... :)))

  2. I enjoyed melodic dancing/swimming at the beginning, but then it turned to be the scary one... hope you'll feel better with time.

    1. What a lovely comment...! Thank you so much, humbird.. :))

  3. How well you describe that engulfing by a rogue wave swallowing you up and feeling totally out of control.

    1. Thank you for the visit and your valuable feedback, oldegg....:))) Just added myself in your readers' list!

  4. I hear you, Panchali. I inherited a fear of water from my grandma and mom......surrounded by water, all my life I have not gone in much past my ankles........I missed a lot of fun. Especially at the ocean, I know the power and fury of the water, especially in storm.

    1. Thanks for dropping in and for the wonderful feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to do it, Sherry.. :))

  5. Yikes! I've never gone close enough to the blue lioness to be scared, but I have seen the crabs etch and I have felt the worms beneath my feet. What a terrifying adventure. Great writing!

    1. Thanks for that fantastic prompt, Susan. Writing is a tool for me... Hence the effort to sharpen the blade...I am mortally scared of water!!.. :)))) Thanks for your emcouragement, Susan.

  6. eeks!!!but a very vivid poem and i literally felt everything!!

    1. Thanks for the visit and feedback, Vandana... :)))
      I am unable to access your blog..wonder why! Anyway, I'll try thru google this time..!

  7. That was a scary poem,Panchali.I feared the worst till I came to the last line.I have not been able to overcome the fear of water despite my four score years and more!

    1. So good to know that there's someone else who also suffers from acquphobia :)))))
      Thanks so much, Parthasarathi.... you make me feel good... :)

  8. the blue lioness (how beautifully described) is so alluring and beautiful that we forget her ferocity and are caught unaware...a real scary poem...

    1. Glad you enjoyed, Sumana! .Thanks you for the time you took to read and give me feedback... :)))). :))

  9. I felt I too was dragged by the hooligan waves to the womb of the ocean. glad to read the last verse.

  10. Beautiful imagery very vivid.

  11. Panachali,

    A magnificent experience, with memories which linger...Fears can be so difficult to overcome. I am not a swimmer myself...fear from a bad teacher experience at age 11 years. Forcing my head under the water. That fear remains steadfast!!



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