Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let Me Believe~

One day I will leave
-not easy to think though...
The colors and sparkle 
would float into a latitude
Life from me would make a break...

A world of fairy purple clouds
Would probably shift me...
bypassing the mud, muck and artificial lights,
to a space tucked away in a distance....And shut me!
I fear the whorls of those curly clouds today.

Stop kissing me, Wind!
Stop getting me drunk, Rainbows 
The hourglass principle of Time hits everyone
Finicky hands pluck in hungry haste; claim us
The arduous trip make me dislike the word 'death'
The rude and turbulent breezes ..doesn't seem so benign today.

.......Oh, it'll be an end with a free body
A corpse-not He or She...with all its light put out! Ha!
None will step off his fence to join the journey...
Only the silent sleep inside me will be with me!
The body all bound with strings of tube-roses
will be fed to the fire- ultimately!!

All will be left, behind me
Ah, years on earth is just a few...

Death. No matter what religion, group or sect one may be attached to, the fact of dying cannot be refuted. The different possibilities for the stretch of time immediately before death...terrify me. So, frankly I have no intention to die now...
Written for:  Susan's Midweek Prompt / Prescience/ Poets United. 


  1. the irrefutable truth, inevitable! very beautiful Di!

  2. oh Panchali di...don't dwell on this big 'D'....though the poem's beautiful (as usual)
    ..and I enjoyed the freedom in last section...

  3. Very well written, Death comes to us al eventually.

  4. You write so beautifully. I have been away for five weeks, but am back now. Is there any way to subscribe to you by email? I cannot get your widget to work; I think the leaves interfere. It keeps taking me to the widget instead of letting me enter my email address. Can you help?

  5. Something not readily talked about! Beautiful wordcraft throughout the length of your poem, Panchali!. Brilliant take!


  6. I'm once more here...the layout is like an urn.... visually meaningful...

  7. O, WOW! The instinct to hide from time--since it ends--is so well expressed here. And as the poem drops through its hour glass the opposite instinct is here too: since life is so short, live it fully, live it all. The funeral pyre is lovely--dare I say that? so the transition, when it comes, a journey alone, will also be amazing. Now I am wondering about my own, but not at all to rush it. Just to be at peace. "Let me believe" is a gift.

  8. The fact of well expressed here!

  9. To be aware that death may come any time makes one realize how fleeting and precious are life's gifts which once expended can never be regained.Still death is a transition and not to be feared.
    Tell me whether the shape of the lines in beautiful form is predetermined or accidental.The lines were beautiful.

  10. Glad to see you after long time, di. I don't like to think about death too. But, you have penned it so beautifully..yet another time again.

  11. Sometimes you have to love fairies..they can take you on a beautiful ride

  12. Everyone knows that death will come knocking at the door or usher in silently but nobody knows when. But one makes plans without giving a thought of us being mortals. This is hope. Nobody wants to talk about Lord Yamraj and Panchaliji had penned a beautiful poem.

  13. it comes to each of us...each different but we all face that final reality...though some act like it isnt...for better or worse....everything will meet the fire eventually....

  14. Brilliant poem!
    Death scares me as well.
    Life is cruel. Leaves so many young people and children.
    Greetings from far, spring Polish.

  15. Yes, Panchali. We are all on the same journey. And eventually each of our journeys will come to an end. In the whole scheme of things, I think that we (you and I) have more years behind us than ahead of us. The hour glass keeps dropping those grains....but I am going to enjoy each of those grains to the fullest; and I know you will do. Always a joy to read your words, Panchali.

  16. "The hourglass principle of Time hits everyone" ... beautiful

    Waise, maut se gurez kya karna...

  17. Panchalidi a beautifully expressed poem..But to me I fear the death of my near and dear ones than mine..Such a ugly truth..sigh!!!!

  18. mors omnia vincit...death conquers all
    And since a shroud does not have pockets ...pointless accumulating and living life for wealth kudos and status...quality of life is the most important thing with meaningful honest and authentic relationships with others...death then is not so scary because you have lived well.

  19. The Big Question. I ponder it too these days.......I was saying to a friend that I feared the fire - he said that he is okay with it "as then I will be part of the earth". That made me feel better.

  20. The final destination ? Beautiful lines

  21. Mortality is immortal.We don't know what in the next moment.We don't when will we get our visa to heaven stamped? A paradoxical poem.

  22. Hi friends! I am sorry for not replying to all your comments individually and not reading your blog. Time is a big constraint these days. Thanks all for being here...shall be reading and commenting on your blogs soon...:)


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