Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Under-water Marvel- It's relaxing, it's artistic, it's scientific and when done correctly
 it creates a piece of living art.

Fish are mesmerizing – especially
the shimmery scales of a goldfish….
Feel, tease, delve
Into the depths of their heart
They greet you with a kiss
Melody of love comes audible
Peace gathers momentum!

Impish, mischievous, bright, alert…
At every glance-
a new secret unearth
Yes, I feel exhilarated…breathless....
when I see them gracefully swimming
in abyss of water...

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  1. it is very relaxing to watch fish swim. but i like it better in the sea.

    1. It's therapeutic to have it at home, Kamana. I love watching them everywhere! Thanks for stepping in,,,,

  2. I never knew they could greet you with a kiss... We decided against having fish because you can't 'cuddle' them.
    Lovely to hear your love of goldfish shine through here!

  3. Panchali fish are indeed very lovable. They spread so much positivity in the house.

  4. are def beautiful...and they def want to taste you....
    its a playful kind of love as well.....

  5. It is lovely to have gold fish in the house..brings peace and good karma to the home
    Much better than watching television. I enjoyed this Panchali. so pleased I can now comment on your work with your new commentary format.

  6. Some days watching the koi in a pond can be so soothing.. I can understand how you can be obsessed by creatures like that.

  7. fish are def. beautiful and sometimes so very colorful creatures... a friend of mine had an aquarium once and it was fascinating to watch them swim

  8. I find it very soothing and calming when I see fishes ~ Their gold colors are indeed mesmerizing ~

  9. Yes, they are mesmerizing indeed. They give me a sense of peace they glide through the water.

  10. It's always so mesmerizing and peaceful watching fish swimming are lucky to have some at home......


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