Sunday, February 02, 2014

Poetry I Write For Myself~

Our existence
Lives through fire
           And ice ordeals
Racing through myself,
        When I lose time to write
The whisper of my breath
             …. the rhythm of the heart
      Makes me unsure of my footing
           I realize…
It’s moronic to shut down writing;
            I pick up the steam
           Tantalize my thoughts….
My choice of words creates a vivid image
      Poetry flowsssssssss…surges….pursues me
     I grant it to stream through me
           -Oh, it energizes like a draught of wine
                    Playful is the promise of music-
           Poetry has music, a motion
                 …ah, it’s a gift-
                 - gives beginning of new life!

Though some people say that writer’s block doesn't actually exist, the fact remains that we do have trouble writing at some point of time. The possible reasons for it are myriad: busy schedule and anxiety, a life change…almost anything!! Part of dealing with this is, (for whatever has sparked it,) accepting that it is inevitable to have periods of down-time….No human experience is unique, but each of us has a way of putting language together that is ours alone....
 Coming back to blogging after a long break feels wonderful. :-)

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  1. :) it does happen sometimes, but the poetic soul keeps it alive!

  2. How true...and that is the saving grace, Vandana. Thanks :))

  3. smiles...i wrote on writing today too....its like breathing, if we stop breathing we die, for a writer, it is much the same in not writing....

  4. I am so glad you picked up the steam again, Panchali. As you said, it really is an energizing experience when one manages to accomplish it. By the way, I had missed your words.

  5. Words do return because they are never gone. They sometimes do give us the time to relax and rejuvenate our imagination.
    Writing a poem is indeed an enriching experience. Well-penned. :-)

  6. ohh this is such a true reflection ..

  7. Nice to see you back! I like your energetic description of the writing process, with its joys and frustrations. " Poetry has music, a motion
    …ah, it’s a gift-
    - gives beginning of new life!" - great lines!

  8. Yes, sometimes we all need breaks, as life is busy - but coming back to writing is always such a joy.

  9. Write on as it such a gift ~ Cheers ~

  10. "It’s moronic to shut down writing; " - I so agree, welcome back & I'm just returning from a longish break myself...

  11. Writing is the next most important to reading :-)

  12. I can identify with this. Thank you!

  13. Sometimes I go through long periods of writers block. I try to write anyway hoping to oil the wheels of creativity. Other times, I just relax allowing time to unblock whatever is stuck. Glad you're over your blockage for now.

  14. Writing has music in it...~ I'm glad you feel it :)xx

  15. Writing is life and it keeps things alive and moving! Nice to see you back Panchali!


  16. Nice to see you back, Panchali. I missed you. Your poem also is sweet and fresh.

  17. If the writer's block culminates into such lofty lines who would not like to experience it? :) Welcome back Panchali:) Great introspective poem!

  18. I'm glad that you're back to blogging.
    Sometimes we do a longer break from writing posts.
    A beautiful poem.
    I cordially greet the Polish far.

  19. Poetry has music....really! Nice poem!:)

  20. Poetry flows..,true,it happens spontaneously.Attractive as always you pen.I too scribble something which can be or cannot be called poetry.

  21. Glad to have u back Di! hope you have settled down in your new home!

  22. Writing is such a great joy! Good to see you back in form Ma'am!


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