Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Picket Fence

 A Mirrored Picket Fence

Reflection on my mirror-
Is always glittering!
-So paltry just minutes ago
But, lives on ....
--if I allow myself
To swell, hypothetically
My image lets me see 'me'
---and sets 'me' free…!

It doesn't fight back...
Though a few disheveled strands of silvery hair,
often stare at me, (almost certainly)
             ---but the shy reflection flips those outlines
Gifting me what a woman real
I fix my gaze-
Little egret of my heart finds rest…

The mirror fixes the cracks in my face, whispers:
‘‘....breathe colors into the disappearing beauty
--life ex-ists; keep it alive!”

Written for :

It is after 2 months that I am logging in to my blog. 
Yes, I am alive. 
Yes, I went with the full intention of logging in as soon as the process of shifting into our new house was complete. Sadly it took very long....Needless to say, now I am settled but, we still have some internet issues. Hopefully hubby would quick-fix the problem soon.  
After a long leave of absence, it felt good writing this...Thanks Susan! :) 


  1. Oh . . . a picket fence made of mirrors. The thought of that is so interesting I actually started envisioning how one could go about building such.

  2. That last stanza speaks to me, Panchali. We need to breathe colors & keep life alive! As long as we can...

  3. Missed you very much. Hope you will find time for writing. After a long abscence you brought out a beautiful poem. The words My image lets me see 'me'
    ---and sets 'me' free…!are deep .

  4. Missed you and your beautiful writings Maa'm..Congratulations for your new house :-)

  5. Nice to see you back on the circle. Looking forward for more....

  6. I am happy that the first thing that happened after logging in the morning is.. I READ YOU .It's always a pleasure ......The last lines....breathing .....

  7. i like how reassuring your mirror is and its bit of wisdom shared there in the end as well...welcome back...and congrats on the new place...

  8. lovely to read your lines once again Panchali di...ah...keep it alive.. :)

  9. Hello Dear Panchali!
    I've missed you and your wonderful poetry.
    Now I know that you were very busy.
    Greetings from a long cold, snowy Polish.

  10. After a long time Panchali.Nice to read you again.

  11. Thank you, Panchali. I am sorry it took me so long to find this exquisite poem with its little egret. I love that the reflection doesn't fight back, that it settles into answering the unasked question. I am certain joy and breath are better than Botox!


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