Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Unspoken Thoughts~

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I know,
One day the spark will come
And will light on the pyre
I’ll have to go
   May be, I’ll tap-dance all the way
I’ll walk on heaven…secure, yet all alone.

I know,
With each step forward
I’m moving closer to the finish line.
Time is in constant motion-
We have bridges to cross
Hindrances to surpass
-the problems make me wonder
What if there were none!

Life is a gift
It’s worth celebrating.
We don’t know if there’s another life,
We don’t know what happens next
So let’s celebrate…
Count blessings
Count stars!
Gather 'round
    and celebrate life
      cherishing each moment.


  1. Yes, let's! And then when "the spark will come
    And will light on the pyre" we'll have been part of the celebration and worthy of sacrifice. Thank you!

  2. Yes, I agree. We must find a way to celebrate life.

  3. I wonder. If there were really no challenges would we appreciate life for its fragile beauty. Would we appreciate the small blessings. Perhaps we will appreciate what comes next all the more for the toil it took to get there. In the mean time, yes, definitely celebrate each day as if tomorrow were the finish line.

  4. I resonate with the wondering in this poem. I am at that part of the journey myself.......I believe! Meanwhile, I celebrate this beautiful earth.

  5. life is indeed a celebrate with gratitude

  6. Yes, so much to celebrate! Life is a gift we really cannot take for granted.

  7. Yes of course we should, we only have to look around us to see how fortunate we are, so we should make the most of it.

  8. Of course we should celebrate life - the lives of all things. As long as we celebrate, we have hope.

  9. Carpe diem! A wise old Native American chieftan said "There is no death ... only a changing of worlds". We should try to savor this one and look forward to the next, it seems. Great write.

  10. "Life is a gift / It’s worth celebrating." Agree totally specially when time is so limited. A beautiful reflection.

  11. Yes, we might as well celebrate now, because we might not get a chance later.

  12. I couldn't agree with you more, Panchali. Let's celebrate life! Beautifully conveyed.

  13. Yes life is a gift which sadly most of us never fully appreciate.

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  15. Carries an everlasting message.nice.

  16. I liked the line, I’ll tap-dance all the way
    I’ll walk on heaven…secure, yet all alone.""
    What supreme confidence.
    How I wish it were so easy when all I have been told that Yama kinkaras would come in due time to drag me with the noose around all the way to hell.


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