Friday, July 14, 2017

The Strolling~

Near a construction site
I saw her walking
   with the baby in her lap;
Trails of poverty were visible
    across the walls of her body.

Gently, I crossed her path...
   -the bright red flowers on her sari
and the colourful glass bangles,
 perfectly matched her happy child. 
I was haunted by the contradictions.

A soft rustle of leaf on leaf stirred.
Rains came barging into the ground.
Rumbles of the thunder
    shattered the solace of the place.
Boom, Clap, Crash…
Boom, Clap, Crash...

And… she dodged it. 
I was happy.
With slow tread, she started walking again


Ah, yes;
Life rests on
--a peace-march after a riot
That’s the code of movement.


  1. Wow! The three images work so well together--I see the woman as the peace walk and the riot.

  2. You have described the scene beautifully! I can see the mother and her baby in your words.

  3. Your words brought the scene to life. A treasured moment to remember.

  4. A very moving haibun and the haiku is a great analogy!

  5. I love her slow and determined steps towards her destination just like the peace march. This one's a beauty Panchali di.

  6. So lovely...and in the movement is the poetry!!

  7. You really capture the movement in this piece

  8. Thanks Friends! I hope to be writing more in the coming days. I look forward to your comments and support as always!:)

  9. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!



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