Thursday, January 19, 2017


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Under the rush of stars
 Often intangible thoughts  
start with an issue, 
A tear falls..., with it
    An ache twists somewhere.
O my heart!
          The whispers of memories
Rise like rings from a smoker’s lips
The fleeting rings enter the mind,
In effortless unison, fill the vision.
-an empty chair
-the little side table 
-the bare window draped with Mom’s raw-silk saree…

The images within me unite, clash and clang
     Weave skeins of many beautiful legends;
These are pearls of my treasure.
A realisation:
Life is too rich to waste.
Once learned,
the journey is easier every time.


  1. How beautful this poem is Panchali. I particularly liked "A tear falls..., with it, An ache twists somewhere" and "These are pearls of my treasure".

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful, a kaleidoscope of memories and images, the "pearls of my treasure". Wonderful to read, my friend.

  3. O, yes! Thank you for letting me experience the memory rings with you and see the chair. Beyond sadness comes that certain knowledge to be here in this now--and let our lives visit us here. Thank you.

  4. The smoke rings are an effective image and really carry this poem through

  5. That last stanza is like fireworks ringing far and true!!💜

  6. the closing lines speak of experience and the smoke ring image...beautiful Panchali di...

  7. You echo the feelings of all in the poem and the metaphor employed by you comparing whispers and smoke rings was apt and superb.T

  8. I find this poem triumphant. Long time no post. U ok?

    1. Thanks for enquiring, Eugene!! Loved having you here... <3. All well this side, it's just a wedding in the family kept me engaged, so couldn't write all this while..I plan to come back to this bloggers'paradise soon:)))


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