Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Door To My Heart~

I surge to the door and,
Pulling it open, start humming….
It’s sundown…
Orange tints lace the sky,
 All set to create
    a glorified twilight!

I stretch my eyes to the rim
of the city, Kolkata:
      a city with its punctuating
   domes and minarets,
Dragging on the arms of Ganges
Restless …merging into winter.
My city of joy is a joyful sight
Smiling from morning to night.

This city breathes with people
There’s rejoicing,
    but, there’s betrayal and murder too!
Yet, all people are kin in every hometown

They embrace the good,
     ... learn from the bad,
and finally wipe the city clean 
   every midnight.

Something about daily life allows us to occasionally connect our connection to outside; if we allow this. We have heard the expression, “Whatever you focus on…. It expands.” So true!!
Life offers us that opportunity at every turn.

Go ahead, open the door and let it all come in!


  1. I especially love your note after your poem....when one sees a city of joy, that is the city one lives in. Very wise, Panchali.

  2. I couldn't help but think of all the women who stand expectant of good at the frames of open doors to their hearts, homes, cities. A gentle and greatly daring poem. I'll join the prayer and visualize for Good. Thank you.

  3. How nice, the way you love your city. I agree with you, we expand that which is focused upon. Let us love our cities, our people, ourselves. Lovely writing Panchali.

  4. You had me at the opening lines ❤️ Beautifully done!

  5. "My city of joy is a joyful sight
    Smiling from morning to night"

    My favorite lines, Lovely poem.

    Much love...

  6. Marvelously expressed tribute

  7. A wonderful visual of the city of joy with its beauty and sorrow nestled in a beautiful that quote Panchali di....

  8. Whether in city or country one of the joys at days end is to look out to see the effect of nights darkness on that world. Wiping it clean for the next day. Beautifully written Panchali.

  9. To take a place into your heart and hope for a better tomorrow - despite the bad things is a wonderful thing to aspire to

  10. Love this!!
    Now i really want to visit Kolkata

  11. Opening any door is always an adventure.

  12. No place like home! A fascinating city I saw too little of, too briefly.


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