Thursday, September 01, 2016

Leap Of Faith~

The moon watched me   
    courting an undeserving again….
Responsibility no longer seemed a burden
One phone call, 
and with no questions, I had to
March back there…

Moonlight faltered against the crisp hospital bed
Tracing a face yellowed like an autumn leaf
Room no: 432….  recorded every movement.
The question was to take, a leap of faith,
Or remain guarded for well…
The echoes rubbed in deep… the chase began
One step front, two steps behind;
Two steps front, another four steps behind
The cycle continued…

Debris from the link between you and me
Hadn’t left much behind… yet
The noise of death was overpowering…
I had to cut the walls of hatred!
The balance weighed
I reached out to fold the beat of your heart
       within my heart                clasped your hands;
And, this filled each one of the open wounds
-a beautiful end.


  1. A conquest for sure

    much love...

  2. I'm unsure whether the narrator lives or dies in the end, but the triumph of love is equally powerful either way. Conquering hate and loss is no easy thing.

  3. A wonderful healing, at such a time, when one has an open heart. This is beautiful to read, Panchali.

  4. Debris from the link between you and me
    Hadn’t left much behind… yet
    The noise of death was overpowering…

    Pre-surgery however small will cause the worries and anxieties. But the ability to extend good feelings for a loved one will make it beautiful! Great lines Panchali!


  5. Love conquers..."-a beautiful end." unfolds...

  6. Who knows how we will feel as we watch loved ones die. Certainly I never bore grudges at the end of those whose deaths I witnessed and holding their hands at the end hopefully helps both of you.

  7. I followed the flow of this superbly - and am of course routing for her

  8. faith proves true and always wins

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous ❤

  10. Oh Dearest Panchali!

    I'm so happy that you still remember me.
    You well know that your loved poetry and with great pleasure I was with you.
    Several times lost my addresses favorite blogs.

    Kisses and greetings from distant Polish.

  11. Panchali, it is very beautiful.
    We are pleased to read


  12. I don't know why but left me sad as it brought back old memories.May be the same room number. A touching poem,it is.

  13. My dear friend. You add sunshine to my days. I have nominated you for an award...

    1. Thank you, my friend... it is a real honour and great feeling😀. You can just imagine my surprise waking up to this sweet award. I blushed for an entire 10 minutes!
      I shall be posting my post soon for sure, Annie!


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