Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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 Democracy demands
we give them a chance
though I know-
there’s no one with whom I’m safe
Even with hundreds of wrenching reminders,
I still feel the suffrage stir inside me.
I exercise my vote!
‘Victory’- a click!
---- fingers rise to the ‘V’ sign
A majority captivates a gullible audience
          Celebrations hang high for some time,
   And then, in frames of slow-motion
        The winds of change…
…Shatter all hopes…..disband my dreams;
        My victory merges with defeat.
          An ache twists somewhere.
Darkness seldom deter the men at the helm
It chillingly reveals their true selves.
   In the half-light
Voting seems meaningless to me
A farce…
I find faith escaping my hands…
With that.....
Five years pass
It's now down to matter of lists
--the same tired and selfish stories
- I repeat myself-
It’s easy to be cynical about voting…
I vote, because in the end,
Voting right is all I have, 
 I can’t blow it off as inconsequential.
This is my chance.
The faces transform again.

Written for Susan's :


  1. Exactly - its tempting to be cynical but resist and keep voting. Good poem.

  2. To vote is to exercise your right, don't deny yourself this

    Much love...

  3. Wow! You take us on a journey here. I love that you start with feeling "the suffrage stir inside me" and I especially like the shatttering and this fulcrum that explains the loss:
    "Darkness seldom deter the men at the helm
    It chillingly reveals their true selves."

  4. People have to vote, make their voice is the only way to keep democracy going. Nicely done Panchali.

  5. So well done, Panchali. There are times when it feels hopeless to vote, but vote we must anyway.

  6. what else can we do but vote and nurture another false dream...

  7. Sadly often voters choose a strong candidate not perceiving the bully and bigot that they are. Politics is much like swamp and very dirty. The best choice is the one that does least harm.

  8. This made me think of the qualities of gender as well as the right to vote - i do so hope there are more women who we can vote into power - your poem is testament to the thought and sensitivity most women possess

  9. I agree: It's easy to be cynical about voting!

  10. sometimes i feel that the CMs PMs are all decided even before the election by somebody else and that same somebody asks us to vote and the same somebody advertises against voting...

    "Darkness seldom deter the men at the helm
    It chillingly reveals their true selves." that is all it is..
    Bitter truth

  11. an emotive powerful poem


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