Thursday, July 28, 2016



As the bus took the curves
 through the cliffs of slates,
I kept looking out
   for the small coves
Where once,
 pink oleanders, apples, pines
   knobbled the trees up into the Hills of Shimla*.
I searched here, there…
…..beyond everywhere,
But couldn't find my ’pallets of emeralds’ anywhere.
So much is tied in sites of past pleasures… I thought.

Today, the fields of greens 
        have made way for factories.
Trees have succumbed to concrete real estates… sigh!
The canvass looked so bare...
Slowly, the bus made it to the top and stopped to rest
I got off; looked down at the valley, and trembled;
Then the words….
How could they destroy the ' planet of my soul?’
Is human nature inherently vicious..?

What we see today is ..
...the daily destruction of
this ecologically important hill
before it's completely obliterated
    from the landscape,
Corruption blots out all logic and reason, 
 hence town planners and bureaucrats been sleeping!
But, I know,        one day....
Nature will repair her own terra-firma
Long after we are dust.

I let myself go limp…
and surrender before the Almighty..
   May God save the queen!

** Shimla: Once known as the Queen of the Hills, Shimla has almost shed its pristine glory, thanks to the concrete jungle that is swallowing its green cover, the pine-scented air and even historic structures.


  1. It is sad to watch the places we love being destroyed. Everyone says Money Rules....I have a friend whose response to this is The Spirit Liberates, which I think is very inspiring. Thanks for this poem, Panchali. You speak for the unseen and voiceless creatures whose land is disappearing.

  2. this is heartbreaking Panchali di, & i also know how true your closing lines are...unfortunately the majority IS "inherently vicious"...

  3. Simla is indeed a mess, you have to get further and further away from the town and human settlement to get a sense of what it used to be like.

  4. in many of these things i think it will take gods hand to turn things around or redeem them...we have abused our world and our calling to care for it...replacing that will dominion. where is the gren of new life...

  5. Oh this is so poignant, I held my breath as I read the closing lines.

  6. It doesn't get any better I am afraid. Whenever I revisit old haunts of so long ago I don't fit in anymore. That boy, that youth, the man in his prime has gone and gone too is all that he remembered and loved.

  7. Sometimes surrender is all we have.

  8. words are redundant.You have said it all forcefully and in anguish.
    Nature's wheel grinds slowly but surely to recover what it lost.

  9. This is so well written. I could see what you saw and feel it, too. Thank you, my friend. You are amazing.


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