Thursday, January 21, 2016

From A Nature Worshipper~

Himalayan Peaks From Kausani

I enter the beautiful
    ghost land of Himalayas
and reinvent life.
At day fall, birds chirp
 I rise from sleep…
I realize ...I am
   Just few steps closer to Him.

A view of such purity
 Satisfy the profoundest sense 
my eyes travel along the icy vertical rocks ahead
The energy spreads…
Seeing is believing they say!

One by one
   the apricot ochre Sun
     Smite the peaks with it's golden hammer
Unexpected changes begin-
        Enwreathing peaks and ridges…
A beautiful dawn rises in all its sublimity!

Like a magic charm-
Serenity inundates the mind…
The mountains reflect Him,
He's present...I sit with my eyes closed
    It’s a wonderful experience
Discovering the Divine!

Edited from a diary January 2015, Buransh Hotel, Uttarakhand


  1. This is inspired and inspiring! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading, Susan! The prompt was just too good! Thank you!

  2. What wonderful mountains and matching words.

  3. It really is a wonderful experience - the sun lighting the edges of the mountain, the snow dusting the ground and trees and we get to inhale beauty

  4. I love how you speak about the Divine. For me, this is my God to whom I give my all. such a beautiful poem. Yay!

  5. It must be amazing to live near those majestic peaks.......beautiful, panchali,

  6. This is so alluring, me being from a Hilly state (Himachal Pradesh), always have a deep love for hills and its serenity. I miss them so much :(.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks and welcome to my space, Daneshwari. Read your beautiful poem just now, but couldn't leave a comment there. Can you fix the comment settings please.
      Thanks again.

  8. Oh yes I agree... the himalayas enchant the mind and scrub it clean...

  9. "Serenity inundates the mind…"ah...the divine gift of the Devatatma..

  10. I rise from sleep…
    I realize ...I am
    Just few steps closer to Him.

    Beautiful lines :D

  11. What a wonderful meditation - i felt transported there with you - beautiful favourite being - 'the apricot ochre Sun'..i think that could warm many a thing :)

  12. Ah, how can one not find inspiration by looking at the mountains! This poem fills me with awe!


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