Monday, November 16, 2015

Thoughts In Storm~

Bodies-dead on open roads,
Loose meat latching
        onto the bones
Dead skin twisting,
Roasting, charring, burning...
In night’s wrapping
 ---rattle the half-shut mind.
The bombed city, leaning into the graves
Tear the inside of me-ah,
…..This is the palpable reality!
The saddest story
In annals of human history.

Terror struck….
And this time, the target shifted to
     a peaceful address
in a French countryside
Innocent and vulnerable
completely insecure countrymen,
Faced the wrath of a terror attack….
Demons crossed the frontier to spread…
Does it explain
The quiet hand of God? No…!!

Today, my anger has been
at the ineptitude of the authorities
that have been ordained to look after us.
Let us stop reiterating
         that cliched ”Sprit of humans” retort.
We are strong and resilient
However,  we must not use it as our cover sheet,
….pull it over our heads and go off to sleep.
--- Grave disaster continues to get camouflaged….
In this age of reason…
….racism grows emptier the farther it moves
Must delete all dimensions!


  1. What a sad story indeed. We as humans have to find a way to fight this evil that kills so many innocents who go about their daily life. So many 'innocent and vulnerable' killed. I pray this evil can be contained and squelched and snuffed out in our lifetime.

  2. Yes, the innocent and vulnerable, as are we all, never knowing where an attack may come from......a strong and powerful poem, Panchali. Well said.

  3. And yet I rather be shot than take up arms... these are days to stand up for what's right... we don't want war we want peace...

  4. you have spread open the wound in all its garish truth, bared for all to see how hatred wrecks the human soul

    have a blessed Sunday

    much love...

  5. 'Does it explain
    The quiet hand of God? No…!!' ~ peace and love.

  6. The cycle of greed and war and hate... beyond outrage and empathy, it is the causes, the lopsided world that needs to be corrected. We hope peace will find a way.

  7. There is so much rage with these acts of extreme violence and it is so hard to think of nothing but retaliation and more violence, but I still think of peace...some way, some day!


  8. A vivid write - and one which is happening not just in Paris but in war stricken cities all over the world..the age of reason - I wonder? such a vivid and philosophical poem...

  9. A tragedy against humanity. The authorities are still wondering what triggered off this madness.


  10. If only hitting a delete button was an option. I admit to wishing certain craziness dead, but my task is to love them. If only that would work faster! Love this:
    "We are strong and resilient
    However, we must not use it as our cover sheet,
    ….pull it over our heads and go off to sleep."
    Do you think these terrorists would kill and kill without end if given the chance?

  11. Once there were rules to war but no longer. The fifth columns of aggression are already living with us.

  12. Such a sad state of affairs .. I wonder what the world is becoming


  13. We can always dream of peace right now. Hope that the next generation can make this dream of peace come true. Nice to read you again, Panchali

  14. Beautifully written!


  15. After a long hiatus I am back:) And what a great poem to welcome me to your blog. I missed you and the sheer rawness of your thoughts. Glad to be back.


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