Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Blind Blue Smoke~

A world presents an infinite amount of possibilities.....

 an incipient tear falters
at the edge of my eye                                                 The burden of the 
        conspiratorial shadows
still surround my present.
Having dissolved several stars I sought
      like a foolish moth…
Yes, I was fast   too fast to last.
Youth left only a memory of a face
--a mean, animated character;
Who needed assorted skins
    of reincarnations to sizzle my mind
It was an assault on my flimsy faith
Love was the only religion, I respected
There’s nothing left now
Just the sin of loving
              And brutal silence...
Ah, what an animated journey it was!

This poem is NOT based on personal experience...


  1. This is such a strong & powerful piece. I could feel each line along with its images.
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  2. I love this:
    "Having dissolved several stars I sought
    like a foolish moth"

  3. Oh. Strong disclaimer for a strong poem! It's good, I think, to have animated memories of loving in the face of loss. I enjoy the moth image and also the snake image I found in the shed-able incarnations of love. Of course, there is a deeper loving that is not so quick to burn out! But, ahhh, youth.

  4. I loved the moth image too. And, especially, "Love was the only religion I respected." A powerful write, Panchali. Loved it.

  5. A very thought provoking and powerful poem.

  6. Ah, the memories of youth....especially vivid, and evoking of questions, is the mention of the 'mean, animated character.'

  7. What a stunning recollection of a wild youth. Really very well penned.

  8. Well, loving is never sinful, I think. But you captured the regrets, the memories of not one, but it seems several wild youthful lives. Enjoyed reading this.

  9. Assault on flimsy faith... that's a great line. But when it happens in youth, one can come away very scarred.

  10. I like the image of "several skins of reincarnation."

  11. The title is so very captivating and yes, silence can be brutal..although not from personal experience perhaps this is relatable to many in many different ways which is a wonderful quality

  12. I think it is true that we look back on the past, but bear in mind that those memories are what made us into who we are in the present. Kind of makes me wonder what the future will hold sometimes.

  13. Glad i read the disclaimer in the end ...



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