Thursday, July 16, 2015

Purge The Surge~

It is a dark world, I live in
I strive...and drown
into a dystopian disaster
        every day...every night
My heart blinks..looking at the
power of the power-holders on top...

I see positioned authorities
       trading on rules... their
Rampant thirst for wealth and power 
     ---Is the mocking reality today
I shudder at the coldness of the cannibals
                devouring the civic realm
Democracy melts like hot butter
          -Setting anguish in every mind...

 Lives collapse, empires fall, systems cave in
The leaders feed us lies... in between
Yes, these demons are like powerful cancer
    slipping and sliding us
        into a dense- daunting- darkness
"Do not go gentle into that good night"
Rage against people misusing their
               authority and power...

              'The wise say life's a dream
Wake up to what you deserve'!
Each one of us has
 the mammoth ability to change 
   --Let the system of the incorrigibles change
Fight fight...
Let us not lose the momentum...
Change will come in the end....Amen!

**** ""Do not go gentle into the good night" -A line inspired by Dylan Thomas's poetry.

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  1. So much is happening here among images, story, and call to action that it would take an essay to describe it all. I love how poetry compresses experience and clears perception. Here I love the running metaphor of eating, being eaten and feeding: "I shudder at the coldness of the cannibals
    devouring the civic realm"--as if they are grazing. What an image!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my poem. I make the political personal and take it home in my poem. You reverse it here--take the personal and make it political. But I believe we're writing about the same things.

  2. What a wonderful call to stand up and fight for greater power.

  3. The power of politics - those with higher authorities tend to abuse the power given to them. But it is not forever as they have to pay the price soon.

  4. so difficult to bear with such days darker than've done a splendid job here with your lines...

  5. Democracy melts like hot butter - such a wonderful line...yes, we must always fight for freedom in many areas of our life..a real call to arms...

  6. Loved the closing lines.. indeed there will be a time when change will come..!
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  7. Great lines dear...and I specially loved these..." 'The wise say life's a dream
    Wake up to what you deserve'!
    Each one of us has
    the mammoth ability to change "

  8. A powerful poetry, Panchali. I loved the determination and strength reflecting in the lines. You have captured the brutal reality so well and the hope shining in the last paragraph made me smile :)

  9. I love this poem! It is true, the power of the people can and will ultimately turn things around. We live in hope!!!!!!

  10. A great poem of power and the way it can change our lives and the world.

  11. misused power is disastrous. we deserve better don't we?

  12. Democracy melts like hot butter, coldness of the cannibals - wow!
    Vivid imagery in this well written poem.

  13. powerful words, with everything going on in the world it is very poignant !


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