Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Solstice Kiss~

A Solstice Kiss!

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world –
heliocentric sense of time
Orbits us through seasons-
Somewhere in the north….
     ..the land moves on in summer
Under a splendid radiance all day long
Helio dips for its verve at last
  -filling the late sinister twilight
A solstice kiss- I call it
What a treat-my, oh my!

Incredible White Nights

I stood with the tourists over the Baltic
Watching the hesitant glow of amber
Tossing and thinning in the brink of sunset
It was midnight or so!
....just before a grand finale
         Stars rose from trance...
The exhausted sun
....slipped and merged into the silhouette
Latching the eerie whispers of the subaqueous
Ah, the symphony of the night
Draped the stage with night...
...the rustle and the murmurs
      all blotted to a hush.

I live now, for what I saw…
The dreamy nights are all gone now
although the memory
of the blooming of ‘white-nights’
full of the agnostic dreams
turns on the realism.


 The midnight sun is of course a nice experience, and can be seen anywhere in north europe, in (or Nordic) summer. While heading along Norway's coastline, we were blessed with bright, blue skies at midnight (one could read outdoor at midnight!). It was a little eerie, but I was enchanted...


  1. Wow, Panchali! I love the sound of the Nordic sky at midnight! Here it stays light till almost ten p.m. already. Lots of light. I loved best your line "the dreamy nights are all gone now". Yes....beautiful to remember.

  2. Sounds wonderful Panchali.You have delightfully explained your eerie experience. Hope you are enjoying your holiday.

  3. I think I could miss my sleep once but not to live with the sun refusing to go to bed like a naughty child in the summer months!

  4. Such a delightful poem :D The Nordic Sky at midnight is indeed an enchanting sight :D
    Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  5. That sounds enchanting...

  6. Such radiance that it is a kiss! wow! And this part is magnificent:
    ". . . hesitant glow of the amber
    Tossing and turning in the brink of sunset
    It’s midnight or so!
    Finally, the exhausted sun- flawed to near insanity
    ....slips and merges softly ..."

    Oh nibbling before kissing, finding the way to merge. A symphony indeed. You've given me something to look forward to.

  7. Enchanting indeed specially for us who are used to seeing the sun dip into the horizon in the evening...and what a glorious way to describe it!!

  8. There's a lovely, dreamy quality to this.

  9. A solstice kiss is my favourite line - and thought in this magical piece..

  10. Ah, what a memorable trip, Panchali! One of my dream plans....I remember white nights in St. petersburg, Russia though....but these are different...

  11. The world is alive with possibilities and you reflect this in your poem on change and nature.

  12. I really like the way you described those 'incredible white nights.' That cruise must have been a wonderful experience. And, yes, 'ah the symphony of night.'

  13. Again a mesmerising piece. The confident master-strokes makes me stand in awe. The thought itself is so intriguing....Awesomely penned, a dreamy post just as white-nights!

  14. You reminded me of my Finland visit. I badly wanted to see the northern lights and sit on the sledge driven by huskies. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and in november there was not much snow for the sledge to move. Will go there again.


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