Sunday, March 08, 2015

Rebuilding ME~

Indian activists belonging to various rights organisations hold placards while they stage a demonstration in Bangalore on Dec 21, 2012, condemning the recent gang rape in New Delhi. — Photo by AFP
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It’s a leaf from the pages of life...
Could be mine... yours...
… a common thread
            -a woman’s story to be precise!
How does one define a woman
      Raped on the crest of daylight...??

She speaks, accentuating the silence...

'The man threw himself on me
           Like a maggot he nipped my body!
                  There was panic alright
          But, the dishonor and humiliation of being caught
                          like an animal left me smoldering
I have not been able to shake off the scabs as yet
The memories of his impatient pawing still lingers
                ...somewhere in the subconscious..but,
        Time has matured me
               -has made me stronger--nature's way it is.

            I am aware now.....
           'No one can shame me, if I don't allow it
 He...NOT I ...should be ashamed
                  for shattering the bounds of decency!
            - the words resonate like a twang of a bow!
                         Enveloped in triumph..
        Today, I smile...
          .....raise my chin in self-belief!
I was writing this poem for Susan's prompt, but couldn't complete it. Linking it with Mary's Poetry Pantry now!
A woman draws strength from troubles, smiles during distress and grows stronger with determination & hope. Wishing everyone a very happy woman’s day!

***Rape is every country''s shame. This poem was written remembering Nirbhaya! Read Here for more on this. 


  1. In India it is happening every now and then, where are we heading?

    1. It’s going to be a shocking conclusion to be sure. Girls need to pick up guns to get revenge!! Hope the new govt begin wrestling with how women are treated here, and with the underlying inequity...
      Thanks a lot for being here :)

  2. 'HE....Not I...should be ashamed." Yes, this is certainly true. Just this past week on public radio here there was a feature on women in India.

    I did follow the link you shared, and I do remember the story of this girl. So tragic. I am glad her family waived their right to anonymity and that her full story has been told. Women deserve better than this...everywhere.

    1. BBC harrowing documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ triggered fresh controversies in India. It featured an interview with one of the men convicted in the gang rape case and it sparked massive outrage and protests in India. So much so, that Delhi court has restrained media from publishing, broadcasting, telecasting or uploading the interview on the internet. But Nirbhaya's father said that everyone should watch the banned documentary.
      I personally feel...the ban was unnecessary but definitely ..the rapist should not have been given a platform to justify his horrific crime.
      Thanks for coming by, Mary. :)

  3. yes he should is horrible that some men (and even some women) feel the need to // compulsion to violate can destroy ones self respect/self esteem...any trust they have in come back from quite a fete...

  4. Happy Women's Day.The mindset of some despicable men should change.There is a lot that government can do to put down this menace.Women and good men should fight for this.

  5. The trauma I cannot imagine, the words healing. Thank you.

  6. def. he should be ashamed - not the woman - and what strength to get up again after something so terrible happened... wow

  7. So horrid that the perpetrator don't understand where blame is to be put.. to me just hearing him giving his own views made we want to puke.. and alas it's not only in India... there are men like that everywhere... still..

  8. A timely topic, Panchali. Tonight India's Daughter will be on our national television channel. Sadly, in all countries, the victims of rape are often wrongfully blamed for the crime against them.

  9. This control that continues to be exercised over us...whether through a physical rape, mental abuse or the dismissal of our opinions as not important...these all need to change and women honored as human beings....Happy Women's Day and thank you for this important piece.


  10. ' .....raise my chin in self-belief!' ~ important words for who can love the humiliation, ignoration of rights...~ powerful poem, the the women's consciousness evolves... ~ Happy Women's Day!

  11. I love the positive self affirmation of being a woman ~ We have nothing to be ashamed of in these cases, and I myself got disgusted with the rapist comments ~ Thanks for highlighting this issue ~

  12. Raise that palm and fist too along with others! I watched a bit of the perpetrator's interview, but could not bear it. DO these men just laugh as the rest of the world recognizes--slowly--an equality or at least a self-determination for women? But this poem, from beginning to end is an exposure of the sickness and part of the cure. Bravo!

  13. I totally agree with the line ' He Not I should be ashamed', But for people to realize this, I dont know how long it is going to take.

    Very well written


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