Thursday, April 10, 2014


With mind searching
a realm of bliss…peace…
I ask myself-should I meditate?
I trust my inner guide…
Sit cross-legged on a mat
In silence, with motionless eyelids
                   …. All absorbed in the mystic mysteries
I start chanting in a low murmur
Struggle to transcend the self....
I breathe…take another deep breath
The quiet mind focuses and settles
Enters into a communion
…I stay rooted!

Suddenly, the inconspicuous sun slumps on my windowpanes
The deep glow of fire paints my room bright;
--- I notice the glare tightening the eyelids
The threads of gold take me over the hills…streams…river
Ah, the feckless mind breaks the session…
Distraction is relentless…
It makes me stop in the track en route…and 
I hear my ‘heart’ laughing with hilarity
I now have to admit to myself;
We are all welded-
Nature, dreams, odors, destinies
All cannot cease or be controlled at will easily
Practice strengthens concentration-

Deepens faith...and only then can pin a sterling silver heart 
No. Magic trick.

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  1. Beautifully written...
    Distraction is indeed is.

    1. Thanks Ekta. Nice to see you here... pl keep coming... :)

  2. The poem is heartwarming to read
    Fickle my mind is always, I must plead
    I need no golden sun enter my window
    Or shining rays to make my room aglow
    For my mind needs no excuse really
    It is always roaming unsteadily
    Like the tree hopping drunk monkey
    Stung by scorpion, possessed by spirit
    Try as I might to withdraw into me
    Scattered thoughts flood like tsunami
    When I give up I am in false peace
    With my unfettered mind roaming in sleaze

    1. Hahahha....Mind blowing!!! I am much honored that this piece inspired you to write such a brilliant poetry, Parthasarathi!!!... :)))) Thank YOU....
      But inspired by your poem, I have one another poem in the making, will let you know when/if I post it. But, yes...nothing can match your creativity :-)))) Bravo!!

  3. Replies
    1. Gratifying to see you here... Naba. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful ! Taming the mind is far more difficult than anything else under the sun. Isnt mind out biggest enemy as well as our biggest friend.

    1. Thank you, themoonstone for that lovely comment.
      Still.. one hopes for the best...indeed, taming the mind is not easy!! :))

  5. Wow! You took me further into meditation than I have gone on my own so that it seemed the altered state itself was responsible for such awareness of the sun's allure. Wgat a distraction! I love "the sun slumped"! When such a friend comes knocking I want to go out and play. Beautiful poetry.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading this, Susan. Your comment has given me a whole new sense of satisfaction. I donno how to thank you. :))))

  6. welded....yes, i rather like the descent into peaceful meditation in that first bit...distractions def try to find their way in there as well once we reach that place...

    1. Even I like the first bit more, brian...that's the way I want to progress in meditation. But, it's not easy :((((
      Thanks a lot for being here :)

  7. Really Panchalidi distraction is relentless but some say that with practice we can surely control such minds but I wonder if any day I would be able to do the same..

    1. I am glad you agree wth me, Ranita. With practice one day, I shall be there!! Amen.

  8. It always tends to pay to listen to that inner brings good things..and good words

  9. The poem sounds a lot like inner thought/ dreaming with all the ellipsis - quite good!

  10. we need distractions to make ourselves strong magic trick..nicely said

  11. I can really relate to this. I don't see how some can meditate for hours w/out distractions.

  12. Transcending the self takes years of practice I should imagine. Perhaps some personalities are more suited to it than others. I find peace in delicious deep sleep. I rarely dream and if you dropped a bomb outside I would not hear it:)

  13. Visiting from Midweek Motif. Well, I really can't get into concentrating on meditation I am too matter how hard I try. I agree with some of the comments above ....that taming the mind is not easy. Sometimes I don't think my mind is meant to meditate. Smiles.

  14. Beautiful, and so well said, with practice we can achieve so many things including this, to conquer the mind is no magic trick. Do keep writing, Ma'am. :)


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