Friday, December 07, 2012

Through The Forest

"If I were to name the three most precious resources of life, I should say books, friends, and nature; and the greatest of these, at least the most constant and always at hand, is nature."---- ~ John Burroughs

So true...!! Often it is not until we step into nature that our senses begin to wake up..... The songs of the birds, the wind, pristine forests are just small hints of the bounty available to 'fill up our senses'. The best imagery– ‘mountains in springtime’, ‘deep blue oceans’, 'nights in the forest'…  remind me of John Denver’s voice and guitar. He gave his audience the richest potential of life strewn so prodigiously at large…Nature is indeed passionate and blissfully romantic. Surrounded on all sides by dense foliage, I firmly grasped my camera this time trying to capture some interesting images of the forest.
Oh, I am still riveted to the scenery!

Kuldiha Forest is one of the most pristine forests in eastern India just about 300 km from Kolkata; though it is not one of the well-known forests of India. Thankfully lack of tourists has worked well for the forest…The aqueous light, the hills helmeted with dense foliage, wildflowers, the sibilant bird calls --all wait eagerly holding hands to turn our attention.

Two forest bungalows are the only places where one can stay. There are Swiss tents also at Kuldiha. Both the locations have their own charm. The salt lick at Kuldiha is the best spot for sighting wildlife, particularly elephants, gaur, wild boar and deer. Though, we could only see wild boar and deer. The forest guards and guides are helpful. They often escort visitors through the woods. Such treks are enchanting, often revealing rock pools, streams, reservoirs otherwise hidden by the tangy undergrowth that abounds the forest floor. 

The cold and dark forest, fallen leaves, fog absorbed by the tall trees, spray of autumn colors dissolving in the growing light,  a misty odor in the air , play of light and shade on the water make one completely light-headed and dizzy . Ah, only if I could continue to stay that way….

I would let the pictures talk now....

Pinpricks of Sunlight streaming through the tree-tops. Winding course  looped in deep curves....
Kuldhia is an Avian Utopia...sadly, the hoopoe was too restless...
The nights were mysterious and eerie. The Nilagiri hills looked like black waves in the darkness..
A Sloth bear came looking for food at night just outside the forest looked eerie!
Rays of the Morning Sun plunge, scatter and burst into the forest...
The greenish water and the approaching dusk made the atmosphere totally sinister to say the least -
It didn't take us long to sight this deadly Cobra's dead skin...
A MASS OF ANT-HILL....Bears love them it seems
Tangled Mangrove Roots...silent and threatening!!
The green foliage, animals, birds and  reservoirs indicate that the forest canopy is in good state... Though poaching is slowly becoming a problem....
Riccia Dam....just before Sunset..
PANCH-ARJUNA TREE.....we stopped the vehicle to click the photograph...
 How could anyone deny the Creator and His glory and believe that nature just simply happened...?
The impression was heightened by the colors and reflections....
'Be grateful for the day you have, the people around you, and the nature that embraces you ....'  
A camera-shy wild buffalo took off as soon as he saw me with my camera....
 The massive individual rocks wedged firmly together... 
At the entrance....the planks are raised at night to prevent games entering the resort
Friends for over 32 years....lost in the music of the forest...
Loved those lazy Malabar Giant Squirrels ....
Scarlet Mini bet.... the above pic is from net~
Emerald Dove...

Accommodation is only available at the Forest Bungalows. Solar lights are used in the bungalows. 

For Booking contact: Mr. Manoranjan Das (Mobile: 09937332552)


  1. OMG!! Scaryy...but beautiful though :)

  2. The pictures seem straight out of a Feluda adventure ;-) You must have had fun :-)

  3. I loved the photos! Looks so serene!! That cobra skin looks scary though!!! The best photo was of that beautiful vibrant red bird!! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!!

  4. You guys are having so much fun..! The last picture has only smiles.
    I loved the paanch arjun tree, wish Panchali Di stood next to it,
    that would be the root picture too stood out for me.
    Thank you for sharing :)

  5. A lovely place to unwind and bond with nature indeed! Lovely images!

  6. beautifullllllllll..each one of them...the colourful birds, the animal! and not to forget the nature in all its beauty! envy you there!!

    its the first time i've heard about the panch arjuna tree, and that snakeskin..that was scary!

    but i guess with just 2 guest houses , the place would be booked for months in advance...isn't it? thank you for sharing this info about this lovely place, the great pics and the contact details too...

  7. Beautiful is the only word that comes to my mind after seeing these pictures...God has created so many masterpieces for us to enjoy :)

    And yes thank you so much Panchaliji for showing this beauty through your eyes and words <3

  8. You really dig forests don't you?I remember an earlier description--it was mesmerizing.So is this one.The emerald dove is so cute!

  9. Superb.. All these beautiful pictures... Definitely one should go atleast once to these places.. Safaris are the one of the greatest things to be done in life.. I must also do it once... And you have had an amazing experience I guess.. The calmness, the eeriness, the strange silence, the softness, the prettiness all would have unfolded before you in that place...

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  11. Beautiful place, some day I would like to visit this place.

  12. amazing pictures I just want to pack my bags and zoom to this enchanting place, I like those narrow ways making their ways to though dense foliage. I didn't know we have nilagiri hills in eastern India too!

  13. As Scary as forest can be so adorning...i never though about it...those pics were to describe the least...i suppose...nature and it's wonderful mysteries...loved it...!!!

  14. The pictures are talking Panchali ---loved the night photo---and the cobra skin ---eeeyo scary sent a shiver down my spine

  15. oh what fun ! My idea of a perfect holiday ...all the pics are just amazing !

  16. Such lovely captures along the way. Thanks for taking me along. :)

  17. Hi,

    Yes, truly, books, friends and nature are the greatest resources of life.
    What a lovely place this is and you had quite an adventurous trip with your friends.
    The photographs are just amazing. Thanks for sharing this :)



  18. OH MAN!! The pictures speak for theirselves Panchali ji! :) Such pleasure reading your posts as always!

    Would love to hear from you! Do stop by my blog! *cheers*

  19. Welcome Panchali!
    I am happy that you showed trip with your friends.
    I got to know your country, beautiful views and landscapes.
    I love traveling, books, and true friends.
    I send you many greetings.

  20. Thank you, my friends for being here with such lovely comments!

    Found in Folsam; Roshni; Green Speck; Ghazala; Magiceye(Deepak); Little princess;Me; Indu; Harikrishna; Kriti; Rajesh; Meenakshi; Anjan; Rajni; TTT; Indrani; Jay Singh; Kappu; Lucja Maria...Your comments have delighted me completely...

    A zillion thanks!!!!

  21. Wonderful pictures of a serene place. My God, the cobra skin is scary... I was dreaming of myself in this place with each of your picture but that cobra skin found me in each shot!

  22. Yes, meoww...the cobra skin was scary to look at, but I touched it and it felt like a thin plastic...I wanted to bring it home; but forest etiquette n regulations stopped me from doing it.
    Thanks very much for your wonderful comment.

  23. invigorating trip,Panchali.Such jungles have powerful magnetism.They at times intimidate,overpower but they pull towards them with an irresistible force.I love them cause they make the child within us alive.The excitement of entering into less trodden,the curiosity to find something new at every turn....and you have brought out all those elements and emotions with your description and pictures.

    Panchali ka aranyavas.......loved it dear.

    1. Hhaha...good one! Panchali ka arnyavaas!! This should have been the caption:D Your comment made me smile.... :))
      Thanks for going through the details. Your words add more value to the blog itself.. this is a very gratifying compliment...:))) xoxo

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