Monday, September 17, 2012


Friends..! I am Maugli. It seems ridiculous, introducing myself in blogosphere! You may just laugh at the absurdity of it. But, I am truly honored to be here. It feels great to get so many eyes rolling over me… J Sadly…  I can’t hold your 'love' in my paws; so guiltily stomping my feet, and barking to get your attention....!

Thump! Thump! Thump!! Can you hear the rhytmic beat of my wagging tail ..?? I am so excited today. All day yesterday, we had photo sessions at home We had been planning to have photo shoots since past few weeks, but it just didn't happen due to my Blogoholic Maa.

My writing is no way a complaint. It's just a sharing. Though, Daddy seems to be worried about her, and I have heard him saying that without much of physical activity, she'll make her body a storehouse of lipids. I don't know much about this 'lipid' thingy, but it has definitely taken away my restful, sedated early hours. She pulls me out for long walks at the crack of dawn. I am too lazy to walk outside, but needless to say, I have started enjoying this leisurely time with her.  Nothing can beat the feeling of safety and contentment of being with a person you can trust, confide, and be yourself with love♥  ----…. *sniff* ..… Meri Maa, pyari Maa!’ J

 Anyway, before I get too emotional, let me tell you that she’s not so good in photography, but I would, still like to share a few shots that define my dreamy, splendorous life....I can see a slight queasiness rising in her mind. So, please bear with her shots and be kind to her. 

Let this pictorial blog speak for itself. I am convinced, the comments that we gather here will be lovely 'gifts' meant for me! 

Wags n Bow wow to all of you...* rolling on my back with paws in the air* Yours Maugli. 

Thumpthumpthump....visitors leaving at last. Thank goodness...:D
Am quiet dignified, and that adds a dash of individuality...u see:)

Oh, there's food ...yum-yum 
'What does Maa see in me..?'
'Oh, beautiful world... you have your work, your entertainments and your friends---but we only have you...♥ love us' 
Presence of creepy-crawlies give me the joy of "being a dog"...

Cut! Cut! ....Ok, everybody, let's take a break now. I'll come back with more later...Ciao!

Thank you~ 


  1. Aww! He is so cute Panchali the golden chain around his neck.

  2. Oh. I'm already in love with him! =)


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  4. panchali mam -he is really cutee .... cuteness personified
    lovely post :) :)

  5. Hello Maugli, we are just so glad you decided to write a guest blog in your Mum's bloggie.How else would we have ever met?

    Don't worry about your mummy not being a good photographer. In our opinion she did a very good job. Our Mummy is going all ga ga over how handsome and spirited you look!She also said something about your eyes being just so adorable!

    We are hoping you'll write more frequently so we will get to know you better. May be over time you can persuade Mummy to get you a blog of your own.
    Or may be a facebook page?
    Look at us, we were just guest bloggers on Mummy's blog to start with and now she's abandoned her own bloggie to help us with ours!!She says it's much more fun!

    See you around,
    Ginger, Buddy n Shadow

  6. Heya Maugli! Good to see ya!!! Do come over every week! Fun meeting ya!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  7. You sure are a beautiful pupper!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Looks like a lovely child. We have a Retriever. She's slightly neurotic.

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  10. Hi Maugli! I know a friend of yours whose name is Bozo! I know his biographer Suranga Date who writes on Gappa.

  11. Thank you for introducing us to Maugli :)

    you looking handsome


  12. Hi Maugli, you so cute and dotty will love to have you by her side..will love to hear from you often..loads of love and cuddle..

  13. He'z so cute <3 and lovely pictures!...Loved the way you captioned it ;)

  14. beautiful clicks looking live

  15. @ Rajrupa,Sudeshna,James atel, akanshka, Vinita, Ginger, Buddy and Shadow, Bozo, Lily Belle & Muffin, Shovan, Umashankar, Bikram, SG, Ranita, Santosh :))

    Dear ALL,
    Pleased to hear from you all...
    Really appreciate your taking the time to come by. Thanks a bunch.
    Woofs, Wags n Licks,
    Yours truly, Maugli

  16. Oh Maugli, you are so adorable. Let me introduce you to Coco, my Labrador. He is just like you :).

  17. He is sooooo...cute <3 muaaaah

  18. Oh maugli, good to see you here in blogosphere.....Keep posting your adventure here, without being blogoholic...;))

  19. Oh my Maugli. You are so damn cute. And I am already in love with you.
    Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you and about you.

  20. Oh, thank you all ...@Sri Valli, Rachna, TTT, Ashish Singh, D Nambiar.:))
    Your love is overwhelming and I can feel the virtual hugs. Thank you so much..I'll surely be here again....soon :)Thank you for being so caring. I love you all very much.
    Love, licks, woofs and wags ((hugs))
    Maugli :)

    1. aww!! (that's for the 'love, licks, woofs and wags,' part). I'm ready for more pictures. ;)

    2. awww...thanks a lot!! Mommy says, 'Stay tuned'---we'll be back soon :))

  21. @Panchali Di, Maugli So cute:) Nice clicks. Thanks a lot.

  22. He is cute --it was interesting to know what he thinks.

  23. Dear Mogli

    You look absolutely adorable and if I get to visit you , I will give you a nice tickle behind your ears which I am sure you will love.
    Your Maa writes simply superb articles and I am a big fan of hers. I still remember the poem on surrogate mothers that I read, probably that was the first one.
    Love the chain around your neck and your eyes speak a thousand words. Take good care of Maa :D And the pictures have come out well.

  24. This is a cute post. Thank you for sharing the insights Mogli :)

  25. Maugli is simply adorable. Very cute and sweet photos of Maugli. And he writes soo well. Your training, huh.. ;) A lovely post. You and Maugli made my day.

  26. Nice work...maugli look adorable..I personally love them....
    Cute post..Panchali

  27. Awww.....THANK YOU so much, my dear friends---I feel so much comfortable here now!! And I can fully snooperciate your being here :)No wonder, Maa is so much in love with you all!! I intend to have a new page for myself like my other friends. Thanks Ginger, Buddy and Shadow for suggesting--Am absolutely pleased as punch to have made so many new friends...:))

    Thanks once again @ Rupam, @Indu; @ Jaish @Saru @Raj @Amit @Bhawik...

    Gotta go new furiends..!!
    *rolling back over n going back to sleep again* bow wow!

  28. Hey Maugli... you are soo cute!!

    Your pictures are truly beautiful and about your Ma, well the twinkle in your eyes tells it all :)

    I love your name the most, because I am still so much in love with that Mowgli of Jungle book. Anything that reminds me of him is special.

    Muah...<3 this one's for you!

    1. AWWWW! How sweet! Of course, I got my name from Jungle book's Mowgli...but, since he was a human child, Maa ( my Messua) decided to change the spelling of my name... :))Uncle Kipling did a great job, maa sayz!
      (sniff sniff) I am so happy meeting you.
      Licks n love back to ya..:) Maa is upset, you didn't send her one, but she's happy to have you here!:) Soon, I will have a new page for myself...maa has promised me. Let's see...hope to see ya soon :D
      Thank you!!

  29. How did I miss this? I must show this to Kids. Mogli, they will love you.
    Tell, Mommy to post more pictures, a few with her by your side:D

    Before you lick me, let me tell you. I am afraid of Dogs for they bite...LOL


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