Thursday, September 26, 2019

May A Time's Fraction Be Eternity~

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Often, I get entangled
Into a thick quilt of pungent blue smoke
That rises from fires lit on city’s pavement.
Once the smoke clears,
I see hopeless, dull faces
Of coolies, street sweepers, the beggars
Brooding over the smoldering fire…
My heart aches, and I wonder,
‘who is dying for whom everyday under this honeyed sky?’-
The chinks of sunlight steal their way out…and dip!
I swallow a sunset with all ashes and flames.

Hand in hand, beyond this place of wrath
I see my little suburb- totally transformed
In the drowsy haze of ripe gold;
The cheerful Calcuttans partying on the rooftop
   under the twinkling starlight…
Men in rayons and nylons,
  Ladies with smudge-free lipsticks and grace,
Speak of cruelty, hunger…damning struggles, anxieties.
Oh such velvety gatherings look more beautiful 
    than the crystal diamond cut sparkling glasses. But..
With luck, the fraction always ends up 
   with a comfortable argument--
People, faith, ideas evaporate to politics,
    and politics splinter into meaninglessness,
tending, all perspectives silent.
Hell is!!.....Honey and milk of human kindness
    all flow in blessed synchrony only for fleeting glimpse-
  then wade off gunning down all hope.

For Poets United....Honey/Bee


  1. O, my goodness! And it is so good to see you, and read the lovely opening poem. And then you plunge me to the depths--what I pass by and the contrast to home, and the little second bordering on kindness I give for only a second. Gosh. A very moving and dramatic poem!

  2. How perfectly you've sketched our life! Superficial existence is for most people. Very few have a penchant for the beyond. Love where the prompt takes you.

  3. What perverse creatures humans are in your pem and I think you are correct. We have the semblance of a civilised creature but that is far from the truth for we don't even trust each other.

  4. I became entangled in this beautifully earthy poem, which took me by the hand and led me along the city’s pavement so that I almost smelled the ‘thick quilt of pungent blue smoke’. How sad the ‘hopeless, dull faces’, which made my heart ache too. I love the light in the lines:
    ‘The chinks of sunlight steal their way out…and dip!
    I swallow a sunset with all ashes and flames’
    ‘I see my little suburb- totally transformed
    In the drowsy haze of ripe gold;
    The cheerful Calcuttans partying on the rooftop
    under the twinkling starlight’.

  5. You have carved out a wonderful scene and give us much to think about

  6. If you hadn't just shared this poem with the whole community, I'd have wanted to request it for our 'Thought Provokers' series. In amongst the beautiful language and vivid scenes you certainly make us pause and think!

    1. Thanks so much for the valuable feedback, Rosemary. I have not yet come across this ‘thought provokers’ site, can you please pass on the link to me. It will be nice to go through those pages in my spare time. Thanks again..

  7. This is incredibly gorgeous in its message and depth, Panchali!❤️ The imagery tears at my heart and like Rosemary said, causes one to stop and think. Especially like; My heart aches, and I wonder,‘who is dying for whom everyday under this honeyed sky?' Deeply touching!❤️

  8. Love that Rupi Kaur quote...and isn't that true! Profound message in this poem.Good one !

  9. A wonderfully wise poem, my friend, by one who has eyes that see. The grit and the glory. A wonderful read.

  10. A poem that takes us on a journey of emotions!

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