Sunday, October 29, 2023

Ode to Night Coral Jasmines

 Autumn is marked in the west with fallen leaves 

and a touch of melancholy,

In Bengal, it is synonymous to jubilation.

Time…for emergence of Mother goddess. 

Every autumn morning, as the sun rays tiptoe into the serene

My courtyard spreads its best ambiance….

Heaps and heaps of orange~eyed blooms 

Invade my half drowsy eyes.

I crane out of my sill, watch them in awe

 And tread along the garden to welcome the delights

Its joy waddling through the intoxicating smell of life

Disheveled buds tickle my toes numbly…

Feeling the pull at the heel; I pick up a handful of them...

They cuddle , move sides,,,,spread out in beauty

Brusquely, the coral eyes dim, as if paying their last dues

The slightly worn ones softly fold,

Ogling high up the sky

The wind and music of morning freeze

And by and by, they all fall to the ground 

stunting nature copiousness.

Oh dear~finally! Here comes a new day

My eyes rest on the morning glories.

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  1. Panchali, so nice to see you! I love this glimpse of autumn you have given. Smiles. It really is such a beautiful season, as we take the time to observe the "mundane" beauty that Mother Nature has presented us with! I enjoyed the ending -- the morning glories!

    1. Thank you, Mary for reading.

      Oh dear! I didn't read the prompt well. It turned out to be an ode to coral jasmine. Thank God, ,at least the morning glories came at the end. Smiles.
      Sorry folks!☹️

    2. What a pleasant surprise Panchali di!! So lovely to see you here with such a beautiful poem!

    3. Good to meet again, Sumana! Thanks for reading and of course for your lovely comment. How have you been..I dont get to see you in fb. Hope all well with you. Thanx!

  2. "They cuddle , move sides,,,,spread out in beauty
    Brusquely, the coral eyes dim, as if paying their last dues
    The slightly worn ones softly fold . . . " Every autumn? To have that explosion of color and life, do make the leaves feel a little drab, LOL! I'm glad the ordinary of autumn bring us both a galley of color and action! I trust the blaze before dying softly is a metaphor for life. Beautiful poem.

    1. Comments and compliments such as yours provide comfort, Susan.
      I do love Autumn and all the delightful colours it brings in your part of the world..There the leaves are amazing too esp.when they turn gold n red.
      In India, except for the fringes of Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh, most of India misses out on this beautiful makeover. So, our
      leaves are so mundane after all! Thanks for taking my attention to the 'leaves' . Feeling slightly less guilty. Smiles.
      Thank you so much!

  3. Panchali, I drank in the beauty of this poem, and the garden it describes. I could see you walking there. It is lovely to read you again. So nice to have old friends gathering once again.

    1. Thanks a ton for that beautiful comment, Sherry....Indeed,
      meeting with old poets today feels like stepping back into the comfort of a familiar melody....after reading the beautiful poems, lovely thoughts are floating in my mind... Enriching experience indeed. Thanks.

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