Thursday, September 12, 2019

To The Stars~

The harsh summer evenings
   stretch long to pull the sky
to earth as a coverlet.
The crowns of trees
   begin playing with shadows first,
then merge softly in earth’s hues, lines,
colors and moods- 
---very hesitatingly, delicately
eventually, the darkness descends….
The borders vanish
   whipping across like a blindfold!
And then…
  It’s time to stride up the invisible
    Stairs into the Persian-blue sky.
The shimmering fairy lights sprout,
The night-sky glitters in their heavenly finery….
Faint, silver-tint fires in the dark vibrate
    like leaf-tips in a squall,
Some drift…or, shrink into the distance.
Seems, an eternal sojourn....

While stars do drift above our heads, 
Dreams do flit above our beds 
     in these dangerous times.

written for Sumana 's prompt on Poets United.


  1. Wow! Such an atmosphere you create with the blanket and blindfold (my favorite verse) and then the beginning of the star magic for dreaming! It's good to have a way to lift ourselves out of these dangerous times and make images and play.

  2. Beautiful poem, We need to escape from our troubled world into the stars. I love the dizzy night swim as a twirl, arms open, catching the tail of a dream.

  3. There is vivid image painted here. Oh- to dream like this!

  4. I love the Persian blue sky.....thank heaven that dreams and stars remain, even in troublesome times, to remind us life can be so much better.

  5. I love the scene you paint with words. Your sky is beautiful.

  6. This poem has such a rich texture! Most beautifully and brilliantly woven. Love how the poem ends in a hopeful note with the dreams shining in dark times.

  7. I love those fairy lights and you capture the stars beauty wonderfully

  8. Atmospherically captured. Wonderful work!

  9. What a sweet and delightful read. I love all the details.

  10. "The harsh summer evenings
    stretch long to pull the sky
    to earth as a coverlet."

    "The borders vanish
    whipping across like a blindfold!"

    Stunning lines.

  11. If, in dangerous times, we had no stars or dreams, where would we find comfort?


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