Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Shall Live On......

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Oh Kolkata! I walk past your history,
standing tall in this modern world,
The flowers are losing their fragrance,
The crazy cacophony of life
   Dance to the rhythm of traffic pattern
The layers of societal fabric grovel
   behind the gravel of the red-brick alleys
The tooth of vulnerability
   Sinks into the flesh of humanity every day.

I hide in my own shadow
    filtering my breath through things.
I understand it all, yet again and again
My mind gropes in the darkness
that gives me signals of chaos…
In this city, am I the only one who accepts
this comfort of chaos...?

It’s raining outside, I stand by the window
all ears for an obscure reply-
but hear nothing except the sighing of the wind.
Oh, Kolkata! You gave me moons, many many moons
Star-filled skies, beautiful promenades
Alongside the chiming sacred river- Ganga
Trust me, love, my ‘city of joy’,
In the prayers you’ll forever live
 It's because there are alternatives 
    that life continually throws.

Written for Sumana's Prompt. CITY

“But a city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.”— Patrick Geddes


  1. Humanity is, a creature of contradictions. One hand, we want everything given to us, in an orderly manner, without having to earn it.

    And yet, the very act of having everything handed to us, on a silver platter, is the end of creativity. Only during times of struggles does humanity move forward, in inventive ways.

    A perfect city or community, is one that balances both needs, without stifling either one.

  2. O, my heart! The paradox of city--its history mixed with its present, its light with shadows, its comforts with its chaos. You capture it all. Lovely.

  3. Beautiful, Panchali. I love that in such busyness you find "the comfort of chaos". I love that she gives you many moons and star-filled skies.

  4. I think most cities have that contrast; the beauty and the ugliness, the bustle and the calm, its brashness and its secrets and so much more besides. What a beautiful poem Panchali.

  5. Your words show the beauty and the chaos so wonderfully. Your love for this place is evident in your lovely poem.

  6. Love this Kolkata scent all over Panchali di & "this comfort of chaos".

  7. Your own city is like a mother,enchanting and beautiful when young,the inevitable lines on the face and niggles that affect the body in middle age,the scars on her body and mind left by the inexorable march of time. As the love and bonding for one's mother never fades,the city despite all the chaos and neglect is still comforting as rightly said.

  8. Your love for your city shines through Panchali, despite her imperfections.
    I love your words!
    Anna :o]

  9. A "crazy cacophony of life" well describes a city. Great write!

  10. It is all in that delicate balance. Beautiful poem, Panchali!


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