Thursday, April 12, 2018


Standing in half-dusk
You force me to notice you
I am caught like love; mesmerized
I walk along the floor of the earth.
You stand there… I walk towards you;
Our eyes interlock,
And I keep rolling onward.
Your face widens into a smile,
The progress is slow… like a slow motion shot;
‘Who are you, little one?’, I ask.
I hope for something of your ‘nothingness’…

Darkness deepens,
The gentle evening breeze
Suddenly snarls beast-like,
Clusters of black cloud pile, and rain comes down
   It stops the dance of energies between us.
Our contours start getting bleaker,
Shadows recede …
The little girl melts in soft petals of moonlight.
All alone, I walk back home- the door closes.
I wake up as the dawn breaks,
Words swirl around me.
Memories disappear in times of extreme tension.
So, I’ve lot to do…
I empty myself on a piece of paper
Leaving nothing behind
But a macro-sized poetry.

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  1. All this! "I empty myself on a piece of paper"
    Wow! Amazing.

  2. I loved every line of this dreamlike encounter. Am thankful for the paper which captured it.

  3. I am thinking she was your inner child self. I too love the emptying of yourself onto a piece of paper.

  4. This poem takes me on a journey from hopeful to desolate. Very powerful. I hope not very autobiographical.

  5. I love this pouring out on a piece of paper too about the amazing encounter. "The little girl melts in soft petals of moonlight." So beautiful....

  6. You may have emptied yourself but there is satisfaction in that another poem has been written. Writers must oberve and feel everything about them and translate that into words which is sometimes exhausting but so satisfying too.

  7. How wonderful this gift that the poet holds

    much love...


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