Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Scarlet Girl~

pic frm google...

The curtains lift 
The scarlet girl inches
to a lighted end
Her body moves.... 
    quivers like a flame of the candle
to the rhythm of soft music
Pleased by the peoples' cheers
She floats, spins and swirls around….billowing
more energy and light into the night

Glancing at the crowd, she pulls in close
curls herself like a flower
runs her fingers down
to the edge of her body
  and...rise to her toes again
Her slender arms lift high,
branch in supple way…
Ah, a petite figure in pirouette
-comes alive in a come-die ballet
encapsulating a FIRE of a rare kind!!
Ah-sweet, addictive auburn blotch 
playing hysterics with crosses of fire, creates 
---an hour of both assault and kiss

The sensual movements 
of the scarlet girl
 the rustle of gown, the rush, the grace...
-each add a fluid, languid 
mesmerizing quality to
The joy of ballerina....

Recently, in my trip to St Petersburg, Russia, I saw Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and became a big fan of ballet. The accompanying music is extremely touching…violin solo when combined with a violin-cello creates magic. 


  1. You've ignited my passions with this fiery poem!

    Holy Fire

  2. WOW! Yes, getting to that lean-forward-and-participate point of watching a performance is igniting fire with fire in a never ending loop. And when the ballerina also depicts fire, it rages. A beautiful and moving poem.

  3. I love the coupling of the beauty of ballet with fire.........very beautiful, Panchali. And how wonderful to have seen Swan Lake in RUSSIA! Wow.

  4. Oh yes. Russian ballet is one of the best in the world.
    Viewed: Swan Lake and Nutcracker.
    It was broadcast from Moscow. Great!
    Greetings from Poland.

  5. What a unique approach to the prompt, Panchali, but then would I expect any less of you? Truly interesting to think of a ballet as being 'fiery,' but as I think about it, it definitely is. What a great opportunity you see "Swan Lake" in St. Petersburg. Wow, something to truly remember.

  6. Such a wonderful & sensuous write :D

  7. Like how you compared the dance to fire.

  8. That' one heck of a poem! In the shape on the page and the movement of the word flow, it echoes the dancer, the dance, and the flame.

  9. This is organic and sensual...beautiful!

  10. A completely different interpretation of the prompt.. nicely done!

  11. I could see her dancing in front of my eyes with your description :)

  12. Thank you Panchali di, for the magical lines that make us visualize the flaming ballerina...such an atmospheric poem, you took us there! a unique take on the prompt..just fantastic :)

  13. WOWWOW ... it felt like watching her ....

    Now I definitely need to see a show some day for sure


  14. The image you wrote is very clear.

  15. You transferred the beauty of the ballet to your poem. Makes me want to see a ballet.

  16. Ballet is a magical force - to make it look so effortless takes so much hard work - the fire inside to master the craft

  17. brought it alive!


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