Thursday, April 30, 2015

Poetic Justice~

Time is a complete knock out
   spaced, streamlined…
       printed inside folds of Time
Eventually, my, oh my!
        God’s garbage truck comes
          in the scrap yard
       And sorts out life’s rubbles….
Have faith in the powerful power
twist of fate is intimately related
to our own conduct….
The right and wrong are truly defined
Poetic justice is always meted out
              by the gods 
And we hear His sound!
A terrorist blown up by his own bomb
   meets his destiny
         …receives poetic justice!!

Albert Einstein -

‘The most beautiful thing we can experience is the ‘mysterious’. How true!

Written for Susan's:poetic justice


  1. The ending says it all, we reap what we sow.

  2. This is absolutely riveting.. :D
    Beautifully done..!

  3. "twist of fate is intimately related / to our own conduct…." this is so true...but Panchalidi what about our 'didi'? how long will we have to wait for the truck? :(

  4. What goes around comes around, they say. I suppose there is a divine justice. That must be what humans strive for, or deny. Good poem!

  5. 'A terrorist blown up by his own bomb
    meets his destiny
    …receives poetic justice!!'
    That justice is a high price for all the victims.

  6. "God’s garbage truck comes
    in the scrap yard
    And sorts out life’s rubbles…."

    What a funny image, reducing the idea of a God that gifts us or punishes us to one that simply takes on our discards! Unfortunately, only some rubble includes the perpetrators and destroyers. But you make me wish that is where God might find our pride that goeth before a fall, our egotism and greed. Taking those things away would be a gift indeed. Poetic Justice here could be Dante's Hell! Oh, you make me think into the minute details of twisted fate! Bravo!

    1. And this is my faith--for groups as well as for individuals:
      "Have faith in the powerful power
      twist of fate is intimately related
      to our own conduct…."

  7. Yes poetic justice indeed. And well deserved, in this case!

  8. I was reminded of Sir Ralph the Rover in The Inchcape Rock and the lines
    "A sound as if with the Inchcape Bell,
    The Devil below was ringing his knell."

  9. I love the idea of God's garbage truck, sorting out the rubble......

  10. It is not our job to sort through the rubbish - is it?
    It is our job to be peaceful, kind and aid our fellow man.
    Full of truth Panchali

  11. I like the God's voice sounded behind the poetic justice.

  12. terrorists often get blown up by their own bombs

    Joy From Acts of Pleasure

  13. Thanks everyone for reading and for your kind words. Truly appreciate :)

  14. "Terrorist blown up with his own bomb"---- how true! We all blown up by our own deeds(Karma)

  15. I surely hope that this type of justice always works, Panchali, but it is so often that we see the perpetrators of great crimes go scot free. One would truly hope that reincarnation then would serve the justice that was not served in their current life.


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